Friday, 22 February 2013

Emobox Launches New Collection of Ultra Stylish, Fashionable and Wearable USB Devices

Technology gets a wearable new and exciting twist as Emobox unveils its unique fusion of fashion and data. Disguised as watches, necklaces, bracelets and even as credit cards, Emobox has created the most stylish collection of USB devices ever seen, bringing flash drive fashion into the mainstream. 

Inspired by fashion, beauty, entertainment and celebs, the one-of-a-kind Emobox range consists of wristband USBs, necklace flash drives and a credit card shaped memory stick that is slim enough to slide into any wallet. (EDITOR: Really. It is that thin!)

Sheefa Fijiwala, founder of Emobox said, "We passionately believe technology shouldn't be boring or geeky - it can be cool and quirky, practical and fashionable. Inspired by this and the onset of technology on the go, we have created a truly unique collection of storage devices that are born to be flaunted and slip seamlessly int0o everyday life. Whether you're toting your bag about town, going from office to bar or hanging out with friends, our fresh new take on wearable technology means your dinky data device goes where you go, safely, securely and stylishly 24/7.

Whether you're a blogger, DJ, entrepreneur, photographer, mum, globe trotter, student, fashionista or a technology geek (EDITOR: Or a journalist!) data consists of memories in the form of pictures, videos, music or documents that are close to your heart. Emobox is a techie way to store your emotions and express your personality in a striking new way, adorned with colours, and crystals.

Shoppers can opt for a memory strap in one of three colours, each engraved with an inspirational quote and designed to fit snugly on the wrist. They are available in yellow, white or blue with an 8GB storage capacity and costs £12.00.

Those with a passion for fashion can dress their memory stick up in a sparkly jewelled heart necklace in one of four glamorous shades. Set on a silver chain, the dazzling charm looks like a regular pendant when slung casually over a top or shirt but can be split apart to reveal a high-tech secret within. The 'Little Bijou' is available in crystal clear, blue, ruby or princess pink and is priced at £13.00.

Wallet Drive is the thinnest ever storage device, no thicker than a credit card and easily able to slip into a wallet, oyster card wallet or ID holder. The next generation USB offers 8GB storage and comes in a series of three inspiring designs. It is priced at £12.00.

Drawing its sartorial inspiration from the eternally stylish Big Apple, La Pomme is a mesmerising studded charm that combines eye-catching bling with 8GB of portable, wearable storage. It is available in cupcake pink, enchanted green and golden glamour. The rhinestone-encrusted charm is presented on a silver chain and is priced at £13.00.

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Here are what our team of reviewers had to say about them: “They work really well as places to store your data in a way that stays with you and is really pretty cool to be seen wearing or carrying, to be honest!”

“I am not all that bothered by how they look. I am bothered with how well they perform. And ot my way of thinking, they perform outstandingly well.”