Thursday, 20 September 2012

Plusnet reveals eight out of ten people are proud to be British

Plusnet has revealed that, with the world's spotlight having shone on the UK this year, 81% of the nation feel proud to be a Brit, with nearly a third claiming they feel more proud than they have for a decade. Plusnet has commissioned a survey, supplemented with focus groups and insights from leading psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, which has found that:

- Nearly a third of the UK claim they feel the proudest they have for a decade
- 69% are proud of the British sense of humour
- 80% of Brits say family gives them sense of pride
- 50% feel proud of bagging a bargain when it comes to shopping

Jamie Ford, Plusnet CEO, added: "This year Plusnet changed its strapline to 'We'll do you proud' which, by coincidence, has been a rather fitting move given the events of 2012. We're certainly a proud nation when it comes to our culture, sense of humour and our heritage. However, it is matters closer to home and the everyday actions of family that generates the biggest sense of pride and here at Plusnet, we’re committed to making our customers proud of the products and services we provide every day."

Back in 1997 Plusnet was born. Its plan was simple; to think and act differently from other providers and save the customer money. That's not changed since the day it launched. More than a decade later Plusnet is still providing great value fibre optic broadband and phone packages from its HQ in Yorkshire. 

Plusnet's customers and industry professionals think it supports them so well that the company has been given a stack of awards to prove it.  Plusnet was especially proud to have won "Best Overall Customer Satisfaction" in the 2011 uSwitch Broadband Satisfaction Survey.

Plusnet always takes pride in having a great relationship with its customers, offering great broadband customer service.  It believes it's only fair to talk openly and honestly with them, help fix problems and talk about pretty much anything related to broadband over on its Community site, blogs and forums. Plusnet customers also get generous rewards for telling their friends about the company.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ready for Wireless?

“Wireless was once regarded as the ‘wart’ on the back of wired networks, but now the balance is shifting towards wireless, particularly as organisations want to build on the benefits of their existing, limited wireless deployments,” said Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill Group

“However,” he claimed, “most companies just aren’t ready for that shift. They have wireless hot spots which can’t reach everywhere; or worse still, have implemented wireless networks which can’t be easily upscaled and are destined to be ripped and replaced in a short period of time.”

Kilpatrick was speaking as the company became UK distributor for California-based vendor Xirrus, a leader in high performance wireless networks.

“Wireless is more cost-effective, more convenient, less disruptive, encourages productivity – and users want it,” continued Kilpatrick. ” The fast growth of BYOD is just one of the indicators that the world is moving steadily towards greater use of wireless. Users want to use their smartphones, tablets and laptops, wirelessly, wherever they happen to be.

“That’s great, but who is thinking about the fact that each device makes an incremental load on the network and that each user will typically look to increment their usage? And that companies are going to want to put, not just their web browsing and email onto wireless, but also their business critical applications and multi-media – and they’ll want it to work faultlessly.

“If users are to gain the benefits of BYOD and wireless,” stressed Kilpatrick, “they need to set up wireless networks with pervasive coverage that have the performance to cope with a high number of users and a wide range of applications, both now and as they expand usage. Wireless networks need to be extremely flexible, so that many more users can be added easily, without affecting performance and without requiring major infrastructure upheaval.

“The huge increase in BYOD and wireless in the last couple of years has
shown us that the IT landscape can change dramatically and unpredictably in a very short space of time. So anyone installing or upgrading wireless now has to be confident it can cope with any unpredictable rise in wireless use in the future. The only thing that can be reliably predicted is that usage and traffic volumes will increase.

“We selected Xirrus because it provides the solutions that can make this shift to wireless work reliably and cost-effectively, offering users the ability to easily expand wireless use and to increase the number of users, without major infrastructure upheaval.”

Sean Larner, Vice President International Sales at Xirrus, said: “Mobility is now the norm and people expect to connect without wires. With more than 800 million* wireless-enabled devices being produced every year, innovative organisations are using them to engage with their customers and transform their business models.”

“As the leader in high-performance wireless networks, we are strategically partnering with companies around the world to provide powerful, scalable, and trusted wireless solutions for our customers, giving them the confidence that their networks perform, even under the most demanding circumstances,” Larner continued. “We are delighted to welcome Wick Hill Group as our latest distributor and wish them every success in the future.”

*Figures provided from the Wi-Fi Alliance

Xirrus solutions


• Designed for pervasive enterprise coverage, not just hotspots

• Designed for density of BYOD, not just 10 people in a conference room

• Designed for multi-media and critical applications, not just email and web

• Designed to be adaptive and upgraded as requirements grow, not replaced as
technology changes

• Designed to lower total cost of ownership by requiring less equipment and
infrastructure, not more

Xirrus XR Series Wireless Arrays
Xirrus XR Series Wireless Arrays are the first modular Wi-Fi products of their kind featuring upgradeability, high scalability, high performance and integrated security. The series ranges from the XR-1000 up to the XR-6000

The Xirrus XR-1000 Wireless Array provides superior price/performance value by integrating the unmatched combination of two multi-state (2.4GHz and 5GHz) radios with high gain directional antennas, an onboard multi-gigabit switch, controller, firewall, threat sensor and spectrum analyser all built on a modular chassis designed to meet the needs of network designs, including the demand for coverage in high RF attenuation environments (dense walls), designs supporting low user/device density coverage and designs that include isolated locations where reliable wireless coverage is desired.

XI Series Wireless APs
The Xirrus XI Series 802.11n Wireless Access Points are modular devices configured into Xirrus XR Series Arrays that provide best-in-class connectivity supporting the growing needs of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The XI APs allow organisations to meet the performance needs of their users, and the RF management needs of the business. Available in 300 Mbps as well as 450 Mbps models, the Xirrus XI Series APs offer superior coverage, bandwidth and reliability.

 Established in 1976, value added distributor Wick Hill specialises in secure IP infrastructure solutions and convergence. The company sources and delivers best-of-breed, easy-to-use solutions through its channel partners, with a portfolio that covers security, performance, access, networking, convergence and hosted solutions.

Wick Hill is part of the Wick Hill Group, based in Woking, Surrey with sister offices in Hamburg. Wick Hill is particularly focused on providing a wide range of value added support for its channel partners. This includes a strong lead generation and conversion programme, technical and consultancy support for reseller partners in every stage of the sales process, and extensive training facilities.

Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Our array-based solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances—always. Wired-like reliability and superior security allow our customers to confidently take their business-critical applications and operations mobile. Our solutions are unique in the industry, transforming enterprises and organizations around the world. At a time when everyone expects to connect wirelessly everywhere and business is increasingly done in the cloud, Xirrus wireless solutions are providing a vital strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage in thousands of deployments worldwide. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Xirrus is a privately held enterprise designing and manufacturing its products and solutions in the USA. For more information, visit

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

G3 Comms consolidates businesses to deliver end-to-end converged communications solutions. G3 Telecoms and G3 Network Services combine to lead the way

G3 Comms Logo
G3 Telecommunications and sister company G3 Network Services have formally integrated their business operations to become G3 Comms Group.

Over the past 10 years, both companies have built considerable expertise and market-leading capabilities in designing, implementing and maintaining sophisticated IP telecommunications and converged network solutions. During this time, G3 businesses have increasingly pooled resources to enable their clients to capitalise on the latest communications technology and the move to consolidate activities now opens up many more new opportunities.

G3 Comms Sales and Marketing Director, Niall Anderson, believes the new structure delivers significant advantages that will allow the business to better address the needs of enterprise clients: “We operate in a dynamic market where change happens fast,” he said. “Advances in technology are rapidly redefining the way businesses are able to operate and a new breed of virtual and cloud-based network-delivered services are creating the chance to realise step-changes in efficiency and productivity.

“To extract maximum value from next-generation communications investment, enterprises need to rely on service providers who can deliver end-to-end solutions – from global backbone networks to the devices at their fingertips. G3 Comms has specialist skills and unique experience on both sides of the firewall and the agility to intelligently combine these to deliver groundbreaking solutions. We have always innovated and we have always led the way – and as G3 Comms we’re ensuring we stay ahead so we’re able to put our clients first.”

G3 retains its long-standing Avaya accreditation and is now Huawei’s first Platinum Value Added Reseller and Four Star Certified Service Partner for the UK and Ireland. This means that as well as being able to design and engineer network solutions using Huawei products, G3 will also be able to provide clients with ongoing maintenance and support services for those solutions. In addition, G3 Comms is also the first Genius! Networks partner and part of an exclusive group of specialists with the capabilities to deliver the benefits of innovative, global connectivity solutions from Genius! Networks. Powered by a revolutionary core routing infrastructure, Genius! provides direct connection to affordable, end-to-end voice and data services with guaranteed Quality of Service from a single SLA.

“These are exciting times,” said G3 Comms Managing Director, Tony Parish. “Over the years I’ve seen G3’s telecoms and network services businesses grow and develop to meet the evolving communication challenges our clients face. From deploying the latest smart devices, applications and pro-active network monitoring tools to designing and implementing the most complex global converged network solutions for muti-national clients, we have always focused on pushing the boundaries. By fully integrating our businesses, developing our technology partner relationships and embracing next generation connectivity, G3 Comms is now better placed and better equipped to empower a new era of enterprise communications.”

Monday, 10 September 2012

Incisive Media to launch Popular Science UK

Popular Science UK edition for the iPadNew edition of award-winning science and technology title exclusively on the iPad 21st September
Incisive Media will launch a new UK edition of the leading iPad publication Popular Science later this month, it was announced today. The first monthly issue of Popular Science UK will be published on September 21, exclusively on Apple’s iPad tablet, and with the first issue completely free.

Popular Science, which currently has an audience of over 6.5 million readers, brings the cutting edge of science and technology to a wide audience. From gadgets to global warming, it explains how the latest developments and devices will change our lives.

The iPad edition launched alongside the iPad on April 3, 2010, and was noted by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as “king of the hill” of magazine apps. The new UK edition brings the same award-winning interactive design and in-depth content to the UK App Store, but using UK currency and metric units throughout, and with new UK-only articles.

“Popular Science explains science and technology in an entertaining and inclusive way, but without ever glossing over details or dumbing down”, said Tom Royal, who will edit the new UK edition.

“We’re hugely excited to be bringing the same great journalism and multimedia to the UK, but with added UK articles and where the only pounds listed are in prices.”

Marc Hartog, Group Publishing Director at Incisive Media, said: “Popular Science is one of the most read brands on the planet and is perhaps the most successful magazine on the iPad in the USA.

“By taking this fantastic content and creating a localised UK edition we are creating a title that is more relevant and appealing to the UK market, and which will build on the thousands of existing UK subscribers.”

The first issue of Popular Science UK is being made available completely free of charge. Future monthly issues will cost £2.99, with subscriptions available from £19.99.

More information is available on the new Popular Science UK website:

Editorial Contacts:
Product and gadget PR:
Editor: Tom Royal, 0207 316 9804

Monday, 3 September 2012

Excel Launches Excel Encyclopaedia

Excel Encyclopaedia Edition 2
3rd September 2012, Excel Networking Solutions, the copper and optical cabling infrastructure provider, has launched the 2nd edition of the Excel Encyclopaedia.

The first version was published back in September 2010 and received much acclaim for its educational and factual content. The Encyclopaedia has been designed to provide consultants, M&E contractors, end users and installation partners with a thorough understanding of structured cabling and more importantly a complete insight into the Excel Structured Cabling Solution.

Tracey Calcutt, marketing manager commented “We’re delighted with the new Excel Encyclopaedia, we’ve added even more technical content to this edition which includes more explanations, diagrams and quick reference charts that assist the reader to get a clearer understanding of structured cabling in general, as well as being the ultimate guide to the Excel structured cabling solution.”

Tracey continued “A large majority of the Encyclopaedia has been written by key members of our team including two RCDD qualified technicians, one of which, Paul Cave is the Chairman of the BISCI Standards Committee, so the reader can be assured that they’ve got one trusted source of information written by the people that know what they’re talking about.”

Tracey concluded “The Excel Encyclopaedia is available in electronic format from the Excel website or on CD to allow recipients to copy and paste the relevant information for their requirements, particularly in the Pre-Sales Support section which provides ready-made specification document templates to assist with complex bids.”

The Excel Encyclopaedia Edition 2 is available in English, French and Spanish. A copy can be downloaded from and is coming soon in an iPad friendly version. Excel partners can also download word versions of the specification documents and tender responses by visiting the Excel Partner Area on the website.

To contact Excel email or call 0121 326 7557

New professional camera from Panasonic

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe, Professional Camera Solutions is pleased to announce a new range of micro camera equipment suitable for many applications including medical (hospitals, microscopy), industrial (quality control, inspection), live science (research facilities, laboratories) and broadcast (for example in nature documentaries). Panasonic has created a flexible range of micro (also called remote head) cameras including the GP-US932X, which can be purchased in full or as individual components in OEM state to suit custom needs.

The GP-US932X has HD quality in micro format for long distance with; one of the smallest remote 3-chip camera head, digitised video signal, the possibility to use different cable lengths with the camera and the ability to use many different video formats; HD/SD/digital/ analogue and outstanding performance thanks to improved sensors, as well as stunning 1000 TV Lines resolution and increased light sensitivity of 2000lx at F10. Other functions like image rotation and mirroring options, three pre-sets including the colour temperatures, the freeze picture, 2.5x electronic zoom, 12-axis colour matrix and frequency-depending detail enhancement makes this camera to a versatile product. With the new Binning Mode the sensitivity can be increased to 2000lx at F11 with almost no reduction in resolution.

To discuss the possible applications of the GP-US932X in your business please join Panasonic at the International Broadcasting Convention at the R.A.I in Amsterdam on September 7th on stand C45 in hall 9. Alternatively, more information can be found on our Business Solutions website.

Full Technical Specifications:

The Panasonic 3MOS remote head camera with high definition up to 1080p Full HD
- High Definition in 1080p
- Smallest 3MOS Camera Head
- Multi Format
- Multi Outputs (Analogue and Digital)
- Brilliant Colour Reproduction
- More Functions: Mirror, Rotate, Still & ZOOM

Available as OEM components

The new GP-US932X micro camera now provides true 1080p Full HD quality. This camera provides a range of new functions and improved characteristics.

HD quality in micro format for long distance

Now with dimensions of just astonishing 27 x 30 x 39 mm, the separate camera head of the new GP-US932X makes mechanical system integration much easier. The video signal is digitised already in the camera head. The entire digital processing chain provides true, almost loss-free colour reproduction. Panasonic's new model supports 4 different optional cable lengths: 4, 6, 10 and even 20m cables allow the camera head to be moved even long distances away 'loss-free', which therefore considerably increases the number of potential applications for the equipment.

Many different formats – HD/SD / digital/analogue simultaneously

In order to provide the best possible connection to HD monitors, the Panasonic camera system has a digital HD-SDI and HDMI interface in one CCU model. Beside the HDTV formats 720p and 1080i the HDMI output now provides also Full HD with 1080p. If necessary, the camera can be switched between the supported HD format and the conventional 576i and 576p SD formats even during operation. Additional analogue Composite and Y/C outputs are also available as simultaneously outputs of an image in SD resolution.

Outstanding performance

Thanks to further improvements to the CMOS sensor technology, even smallest details can be carefully examined thanks to 1000TV lines resolution. We have succeeded in increasing the light sensitivity up to 2000lx at F11 (with Binning ON)..Even dark details are now much more perceptible. The pixel-based dynamic range increase enhances the simultaneous display of light and dark objects.

Additional functionality

The new GP-US932X HD camera system has a image flip and mirroring option. This can be activated and deactivated even during operation, and extends the range of applications even further. The 3 pre-sets for an easy switch between customer made adjustments also include the white balance values. The switch from artificial light to natural lighting can now take place without having to perform white balancing again. Of course, the functionality of the preceding models is still available: Freeze picture, 2.5x electronic Zoom, 12-axis colour matrix, and frequency-depending detail enhancement. The new Binning Mode for increased sensitivity extends the range of low light application.

HD technology available as OEM components

Panasonic also offers the HD micro camera system as OEM components. The camera head, the CCU control board and the raw signal cables are available. The OEM version of the digital camera head module is much smaller that its predecessor and the power consumption have been further reduced.