Monday, 3 September 2012

New professional camera from Panasonic

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe, Professional Camera Solutions is pleased to announce a new range of micro camera equipment suitable for many applications including medical (hospitals, microscopy), industrial (quality control, inspection), live science (research facilities, laboratories) and broadcast (for example in nature documentaries). Panasonic has created a flexible range of micro (also called remote head) cameras including the GP-US932X, which can be purchased in full or as individual components in OEM state to suit custom needs.

The GP-US932X has HD quality in micro format for long distance with; one of the smallest remote 3-chip camera head, digitised video signal, the possibility to use different cable lengths with the camera and the ability to use many different video formats; HD/SD/digital/ analogue and outstanding performance thanks to improved sensors, as well as stunning 1000 TV Lines resolution and increased light sensitivity of 2000lx at F10. Other functions like image rotation and mirroring options, three pre-sets including the colour temperatures, the freeze picture, 2.5x electronic zoom, 12-axis colour matrix and frequency-depending detail enhancement makes this camera to a versatile product. With the new Binning Mode the sensitivity can be increased to 2000lx at F11 with almost no reduction in resolution.

To discuss the possible applications of the GP-US932X in your business please join Panasonic at the International Broadcasting Convention at the R.A.I in Amsterdam on September 7th on stand C45 in hall 9. Alternatively, more information can be found on our Business Solutions website.

Full Technical Specifications:

The Panasonic 3MOS remote head camera with high definition up to 1080p Full HD
- High Definition in 1080p
- Smallest 3MOS Camera Head
- Multi Format
- Multi Outputs (Analogue and Digital)
- Brilliant Colour Reproduction
- More Functions: Mirror, Rotate, Still & ZOOM

Available as OEM components

The new GP-US932X micro camera now provides true 1080p Full HD quality. This camera provides a range of new functions and improved characteristics.

HD quality in micro format for long distance

Now with dimensions of just astonishing 27 x 30 x 39 mm, the separate camera head of the new GP-US932X makes mechanical system integration much easier. The video signal is digitised already in the camera head. The entire digital processing chain provides true, almost loss-free colour reproduction. Panasonic's new model supports 4 different optional cable lengths: 4, 6, 10 and even 20m cables allow the camera head to be moved even long distances away 'loss-free', which therefore considerably increases the number of potential applications for the equipment.

Many different formats – HD/SD / digital/analogue simultaneously

In order to provide the best possible connection to HD monitors, the Panasonic camera system has a digital HD-SDI and HDMI interface in one CCU model. Beside the HDTV formats 720p and 1080i the HDMI output now provides also Full HD with 1080p. If necessary, the camera can be switched between the supported HD format and the conventional 576i and 576p SD formats even during operation. Additional analogue Composite and Y/C outputs are also available as simultaneously outputs of an image in SD resolution.

Outstanding performance

Thanks to further improvements to the CMOS sensor technology, even smallest details can be carefully examined thanks to 1000TV lines resolution. We have succeeded in increasing the light sensitivity up to 2000lx at F11 (with Binning ON)..Even dark details are now much more perceptible. The pixel-based dynamic range increase enhances the simultaneous display of light and dark objects.

Additional functionality

The new GP-US932X HD camera system has a image flip and mirroring option. This can be activated and deactivated even during operation, and extends the range of applications even further. The 3 pre-sets for an easy switch between customer made adjustments also include the white balance values. The switch from artificial light to natural lighting can now take place without having to perform white balancing again. Of course, the functionality of the preceding models is still available: Freeze picture, 2.5x electronic Zoom, 12-axis colour matrix, and frequency-depending detail enhancement. The new Binning Mode for increased sensitivity extends the range of low light application.

HD technology available as OEM components

Panasonic also offers the HD micro camera system as OEM components. The camera head, the CCU control board and the raw signal cables are available. The OEM version of the digital camera head module is much smaller that its predecessor and the power consumption have been further reduced.

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