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Aprimo Showcases Its New ‘Real-Time Offer’ Management Solution at Upcoming Events

Aprimo®, a global leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software, will showcase its Aprimo Real-Time Interaction Manager (ARTIM) at various upcoming events in the US and UK starting with Aprimo’s 2012 Aprimo Marketing Summit, 28 February to 1 March in Las Vegas.

In the UK, Aprimo will showcase its new offer management solution at The Cloud Retail Week Conference, 14 and 15 March, London and The CMO Show, 27 to 29 March, London. Aprimo’s new inbound marketing and offer management solution allows marketers to analyse all customer interactions, ensuring the best offer is put forth in real-time for each individual customer based on current interactions.

“The keys to successful marketing are engaging customers with relevant dialogue across all channels, integrating campaigns and providing customers and prospects with targeted offers and messaging at the point if interaction,” said Lisa Arthur, Aprimo’s CMO. “Marketers attending any of these events will learn firsthand that they can leverage ARTIM to help meet and even exceed these demands, optimising offer management and performance to drive growth in their businesses.”

A new addition to Aprimo’s Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) Solutions, ARTIM is an inbound marketing solution that analyses customer interactions in real time to present the best offer to every customer. Offers are centrally managed in a content repository and delivered on demand across all touchpoints, including the web, call centres and retail points-of-sale. Key features include:

• Easy to use interface that enables quick creation and deployment of highly-targeted offers to any customer or agent-facing application
• Self-learning analytics that provide a continuous feedback loop across all marketing channels to ensure increasingly intelligent interactions in the future
• Strategy manager that analyses available customer offers, including cross-sell/up-sell, retention strategies, loyalty messages and service-related messages to define the best offer in real time
• A flexible, open architecture that easily integrates with multiple business environments
• The ability to perform hundreds of thousands of intelligent interactions per hour

Aprimo, a Teradata company, is a leading global provider of marketing software and services that enhance the productivity and performance of marketing organisations. Through the use of Aprimo’s integrated marketing software, Aprimo Marketing Studio® for B2C, Aprimo Marketing Studio® for B2B, and Aprimo® Relationship Manager, marketers can integrate their organisations, get control of budget and spend, eliminate internal silos with streamlined workflows, and execute innovative multi-channel campaigns to drive measurable return on investment. Hundreds of thousands of marketers trust Aprimo to revolutionise their marketing. Aprimo customers include over one third of Fortune 100 companies, and nearly one quarter of Global 100 companies. Founded in 1998, Aprimo is head-quartered in Indianapolis with offices worldwide. For more information call +44 (0)20 75353 700 or visit www.aprimo.com.

Teradata Corporation, Aprimo’s parent company, is the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Teradata's innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower organisations to make the best decisions possible and achieve competitive advantage. Teradata acquired Aprimo in January 2011. For more information, visit www.Teradata.com.

Aprimo Clients:

Aprimo clients include: Aviva, Bank of America, E-ON, Merrill Lynch, Pearson Education, QAD, Standard Life, Wal-Mart, and Warner Bros (Time Warner).

Trustmarque Teams With Snow Software To Strengthen Software Asset Management In The NHS

Trustmarque and Snow collaborate to help NHS buy and reuse software licences more effectively in response to changes in NHS procurement

Infrastructure and software solutions Value Added Reseller, Trustmarque, announced today it has signed an exclusive agreement with market leading desktop and software management solutions provider, Snow Software, to provide NHS Trusts across the UK with tools and support for managing their software estates. This NHS exclusive deal will offer special rates on Enterprise Subscription Agreements (ESAs) for Snow Software’s leading edge asset management technologies ‘Snow Licence Manager’ and ‘Snow Inventory’. Trustmarque will also provide a number of wrap around tactical consultancy and Managed Licence Services for the NHS, and can deploy the Snow solution either on-premise or through the cloud.

“The NHS is now at a pivotal point,” comments Kevin Trinkwon, Practice Lead - Managed Licence Services for Trustmarque. “The last batch of licences from the National Enterprise Agreements have been distributed, and control has been placed in the hands of the local trusts and institutions. Under the central agreements, trusts have never had to worry about licence management around their desktop estate. Now control has been passed to the trusts, it is imperative that NHS organisations understand and optimise their software assets now and for the future.

Snow’s asset management tools will empower Trusts to gain a better understanding of their software assets, enabling them to re-harvest unused licences and deploy software assets where they are needed most,” continues Trinkwon. “NHS Trusts will be able to make better informed decisions around their future technology decisions, ultimately enabling them to buy more effectively and avoid unnecessary spend.”

Snow Licence Manager is an advanced and user-friendly Software Asset Management (SAM) solution that provides organisations with the ability to manage the complete life-cycle of both their hardware and software assets from purchase, to registration, to installation and usage analysis, right the way through to retirement. It provides true software metering across all applications within IT estates, creating a view of what software is actually used. The tool automatically reconciles software licences and agreements against deployments across the organisation, automatically re-harvesting unused licences to ensure software estates meet compliance requirements in the most cost effective way possible.

Snow Inventory provides a real-time, dynamic view of all software and hardware activity on a company network in both virtual and physical environments, allowing organisations to proactively manage usage, actively resolve issues and analyse changes within the network. Using this up to the minute user information, organisations can create technology strategies based on real usage and requirements, helping to build business cases for future investments.

Trustmarque’s expertise in SAM and licensing will help organisations to realise the full benefits of Snow’s technology. Trustmarque will assist with the set up and technical deployment of Snow’s solutions, while also providing tactical consultancy services to help organisations create SAM policies and procedures, and contract management for licences and maintenance. Trustmarque can also provide a Managed Licence Service, using the Snow technologies, to maintain and manage Trusts’ software estates on their behalf.

“As the leading procurement partner for the NHS in the UK, Trustmarque was an obvious choice of partner,” comments Martin Callinan, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Snow Software. “Trustmarque has a long heritage in delivering Software Asset Management and a team of experts that really understand our technology and the benefits of SAM. The value added services that Trustmarque provides in relation to SAM consultancy and Managed Licence Services, combined with our superior asset management technology, creates a strong proposition for NHS looking to get a firm grip of their licence estate.”

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Growth in SaaS and Mobile Applications increases requirement for Software Security Testing at Scale

Research shows greater customer and auditor expectations drive need for improved software assurance

Veracode, Inc., a leader in cloud-based application security testing, has revealed the availability of a whitepaper, ‘Outsourcing the problem of software security’, produced by primary research and analysis company, Quocirca.

This whitepaper is based on original research, commissioned by Veracode, and examines how UK and US businesses are deploying in-house developed and commercially acquired software and the measures in place for ensuring the security quality of these applications.

Quocirca interviewed 100 organisations with more than 1,000 employees, distributed equally in the US and the UK in the financial services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, transport and other commercial sectors.

Hundreds of applications are tracked by the average business

One key finding from the report is that companies are now tracking more critical applications than ever (the average for a financial services company is approximately 800 separate applications) and that the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and the use of mobile apps is now widespread.

While the breadth of available applications has productivity benefits for businesses and their employees, it also increases security issues, especially as more and more applications are web-enabled. The research found that many customers and auditors seek assurances from suppliers with regards to the security of applications that underpin business processes. In the US, 50 percent of the organisations interviewed said that customers demand guarantees about software security, in the UK it was 20 percent. However, auditors are more focused on software security in the UK than in the US, with 50 percent of UK auditors seeking guarantees, as opposed to 40 percent in the US.

Measuring software security against established benchmarks
Both commercial software developers and end-users developing applications in-house face challenges in ensuring the software they develop and deploy meets key security criteria, often defined by external standards, including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the CWE/SANS Top 25 most dangerous software errors. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) estimates that fixing a flaw in a production application can cost up to 25 times as much as it would if the flaw was prevented during the coding phase.

The report also reviews the different approaches to establishing an application security program, from developer education, (static and dynamic), through penetration testing (pen-testing), static and dynamic code and binary analysis to web application firewalls (WAFs).

The benefits of on-demand vs on-premise software testing
The report concludes that techniques such as maximising the use of software testing early in the application development life cycle is key to keeping costs down and improving productivity for end-users and application developers. This can be done through on-demand software testing services or in-house tools. Out of these two approaches the report concludes that on-demand services have the benefit of scale; their providers scan software from hundreds of customers a day and are cognisant of all the common flaws as well as rarely seen ones.

Software testing services are also generally paid for on a per- application basis with unlimited scanning rights regardless of the number of programmers. The infrastructure and staffing overheads are incurred by the service provider and therefore shared between many customers. Any analysis of the relative costs of on-premise tools and on-demand services must take this into account.

“Outsourcing the software security testing process has benefits for both commercial software developers and companies developing applications in-house.” said Bob Tarzey, Director at Quocirca. ”The use of on-demand services should not only be more cost effective, but they should be far more comprehensive in identifying flaws and preventing vulnerabilities because of the scale of the operations of the providers of such services.”

“Testing just your mission-critical applications is no longer an option. Organizations have to find a way to test all applications (both the ones they build or buy) quickly to truly manage risk from this exposed layer of their infrastructure. Leveraging automation to achieve scale and applying multiple testing techniques is the key to success,” said Sam King, SVP, Product Marketing, Veracode.

To download the whitepaper, please visit:

To register for a webinar with Quocirca & Veracode discussing the issues raised by this report, please visit:

 Veracode is the only independent provider of cloud-based application intelligence and security verification services. The Veracode platform provides the fastest, most comprehensive solution to improve the security of internally developed, purchased or outsourced software applications and third-party components. By combining patented static, dynamic and manual testing, extensive eLearning capabilities, and advanced application analytics, Veracode enables scalable, policy-driven application risk management programs that help identify and eradicate numerous vulnerabilities by leveraging best-in-class technologies from vulnerability scanning to penetration testing and static code analysis. Veracode delivers unbiased proof of application security to stakeholders across the software supply chain while supporting independent audit and compliance requirements for all applications no matter how they are deployed, via the web, mobile or in the cloud. Veracode works with customers in more than 80 countries worldwide including Global 2000 brands such as Barclays PLC and Computershare as well as the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For more information, visit www.veracode.com, follow on Twitter: @Veracode or read the Veracode Blog.

Quocirca is a research and analysis company with a primary focus on the European market. Quocirca produces free to market content aimed at IT decision makers and those that influence them in business of all sizes and public sector organisations. Much of the content Quocirca produces is based on its own primary research.

For this primary research, Quocirca has native language telephone interviewing capabilities across Europe and is also able to cover North America and the Asia Pacific region. Research is conducted one-to-one with individuals in target job roles to ensure the right questions are being asked of the right people. Comparative results are reported by geography, industry, size of business, job role and other parameters as required.

The research is sponsored by a broad spectrum of IT vendors, service providers and channel organisations. However, all Quocirca content is written from an independent standpoint and addresses the issues with regard to the use of IT within the context of an organisation, rather than specific products. Therefore, Quocirca’s advice is free from vendor bias and is based purely on the insight gained through research, combined with the broad knowledge and analytical capabilities of Quocirca’s analysts who focus on the “big picture”.

Quocirca is widely regarded as one of the most influential analyst companies in Europe. Through its close relationships with the media, Quocirca articles and reports reach millions of influencers and decision makers. Quocirca reports are made available through many media and portal partners. www.quocirca.com

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The New Liquid Glow Smartphone

Acer presents its Liquid Glow smartphone at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Based on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, this smartphone brings the ultimate balance between style, performance and affordability — ideal for today's fun-seeking, social-networking young and not-so-young people.

The Liquid Glow sports a 3.7-inch screen and portrays Acer's signature look with nice curves, chrome details, and a soft-touch casing combined to deliver the perfect size, grip and feel. This new smartphone will be available in a series of trendy colors: Sakura Pink, Alpine White, and Cat's-eye Black. Going a step further, the onscreen display style varies with the external color, making each smartphone a unique fashion statement.

The Liquid Glow brings together the power and the convenience of Ice Cream Sandwich, providing a user-friendly interface along with widgets to easily stay connected, entertained and updated. It also works with the latest voice-input engine from Google, which guarantees a continuous "open microphone" experience and streaming voice recognition.

The smartphone's 5 MP rear camera features an LED flash for low light, as well as panoramic image capture and touch focus. With Android Beam, photos can be shared by a single tap with another NFC powered Android device, without the hassle of launching application or pairing. What's more, Android Beam can also share anything like contacts, favorite apps, music or videos instantaneously through NFC.

Please come and see the new Liquid Glow smartphone at Acer Pod, located inside the Google Android Booth, Hall 8 - 8C25.

The Acer Liquid Glow will be available in early summer 2012.

Visit www.acer-group.com for more information.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Is your data centre healthy? 8 Solutions launch Data Centre Healthcare, Mechanical Services division

Mark Plant, CEO at 8 Solutions8 Solutions, the UK’s leading data centre healthcare company specialising in the deep cleaning and decontamination of critical environments has launched a Data Centre Healthcare Mechanical Services division.
Headed by Neil Sorrell, Business Development Manager at 8 Solutions, the new division will focus on six key areas including: Floor Remediation and Leveling, Floor Strengthening; Sub floor Maintenance, Air Flow Management, Fire Walling, and Decontamination and Protection.

According to Mark Plant, CEO at 8 Solutions, the driving force behind this new division has been its customers. He explains, “We’ve had a 100% data centre and critical facility focus since our inception and have completed 90,000 cleans without incident. Over the last few months, many of our blue-chip and FTSE 100 clients who are currently using us as their sole data centre decontamination partner have been pushing for additional mechanical services. These areas of expertise are often a critical part of health and safety and building compliance.”

He continued, “Forming a new division dedicated to Mechanical Services was a natural progression for the business.”

The services offered by the Data Centre Healthcare Mechanical Services division provide a number of key benefits to clients believes Neil Sorrell. He explains, “Aside from providing fire protection, our Fire Walling Service also complies with Health & Safety ISO 9001, 4 Hour Fire Integrity BS 476 Pt20/22 and Building Regulations Compliance.”

Neil added: “Other services such as floor strengthening carried out by a team with over 21 years of experience significantly increases the longevity of a data centre’s floor system, and the air flow design and thermal mapping service assists in reducing a company’s carbon footprint and eliminates hot spots and dead air wells, dramatically improving data centre performance.”

All 8 Solutions technicians undergo a rigorous training programme and receive regular update and refresher courses. The teams, which are all employed by the company, are fully vetted and security checked to BC level, with the majority being SC cleared. This offers a level of assurance to the trustworthiness and integrity of 8 Solutions technicians which has been fundamental to the company’s ability to work with some of the world’s most security sensitive organisations.

8 Solutions has grown rapidly to become the leading data centre healthcare provider in the UK and throughout the EMEA region. With a track record of over 90,000 completed projects and a client base that encompasses the majority of the FTSE 100 either directly or through the major facilities management organisations, 8 Solutions enjoys a position of dominance in the data centre healthcare market.

With technicians who are security cleared and trained in both critical environments and the specialist cleaning tools and techniques required to maintain the optimum performance of data centres, 8 Solutions is the perfect partner for reliability and peace of mind.

The company’s highly experienced technicians enables it to provide an exceptional level of service with zero downtime and minimal operational disruption to the client, 8 Solutions operates 24/7/365 and provides scheduled and event based cleaning and decontamination and also an emergency response service in the event of fires, fire suppression discharges and accidents. The company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited and a member of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM).

Follow 8 Solutions on Twitter.

Aprimo Enhances Campaign Management With Strategic Data From Third-Party Databases

Marketers can now create turn-key segmentations for better decisions and improved targeting


Aprimo®, a global leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software, today announced a powerful new Campaign Management feature for Aprimo® Relationship Manager. The new Extended Data Source (xDS) allows users to pull information from other databases into a Teradata Database, and then easily integrate it into their marketing campaigns.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, marketers can now instantly utilise data from service desks, inbound and outbound call centres and other transactional systems that use third-party databases. xDS extends the information that can be leveraged to power campaigns, providing turn-key segmentation, and enabling better marketing decisions.

“Aprimo is committed to continuing to enhance our Campaign Management solutions and xDS is another step on the journey to help our customers leverage strategic data to create effective integrated marketing campaigns,” said Gonzalo Hidalgo, Aprimo’s Vice President of Product Strategy. “Let’s say marketing wants to include information from the call centre in event-based upsell campaigns. In the past they would have had to work through IT to obtain this data and integrate it. With xDS, they can now import, access and analyse the data and decide how to segment the campaign at the click of a button, saving time and ultimately making the campaign more nimble and successful.”

A key advantage of xDS is that it empowers marketers to integrate multiple data streams into their campaigns without having to call on IT each time—enabling turn-key segmentation by incorporating all the information stored in the database into campaigns without any additional configurations. Once a customer has used the pre-packaged system to create an xDS asset, he or she can add to, copy, modify or reuse that data in any number of future campaigns. xDS allows marketers to use leverage the horsepower of Teradata to drive decision management for their campaigns—across all their data sets.
The xDS enhancement will be unveiled at next week’s Aprimo’s 2012 Marketing Summit (#AMS12), in Las Vegas, where customers will have the opportunity to learn more about Campaign Management and other Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management solutions.


Aprimo, a Teradata company, is a leading global provider of marketing software and services that enhance the productivity and performance of marketing organisations. Through the use of Aprimo’s integrated marketing software, Aprimo Marketing Studio® for B2C, Aprimo Marketing Studio® for B2B, and Aprimo® Relationship Manager, marketers can integrate their organisations, get control of budget and spend, eliminate internal silos with streamlined workflows, and execute innovative multi-channel campaigns to drive measurable return on investment. Hundreds of thousands of marketers trust Aprimo to revolutionise their marketing. Aprimo customers include over one third of Fortune 100 companies, and nearly one quarter of Global 100 companies. Founded in 1998, Aprimo is headquartered in Indianapolis with offices worldwide. For more information call +44 (0)20 75353 700 or visit www.aprimo.com.

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), Aprimo’s parent company, is the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Teradata's innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower organisations to make the best decisions possible and achieve competitive advantage. Teradata acquired Aprimo in January 2011. For more information, visit www.Teradata.com.

Aprimo Clients:

Aprimo clients include: Aviva, Bank of America, E-ON, Merrill Lynch, Pearson Education, QAD, Standard Life, Wal-Mart, and Warner Bros (Time Warner).

Technology sector confident on jobs and revenues but overall confidence falls says survey

 Despite uncertainty over world economic growth and the Euro debt crisis, senior executives in the global technology industry are optimistic about growth in their own company’s jobs and revenues over the next 12 months, according to the annual technology sector confidence survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide (http://www.eurocompr.com) the global PR network, in association with UK PR agency, Six Degrees (http://www.sixdegreespr.com). However, confidence in the outlook for the technology sector overall is down on this time last year.

Sixty per cent of respondents expect the business they work for to increase jobs and 71 per cent forecast an increase in revenues. In contrast, less than half of respondents (46 per cent) are more confident about the outlook for the technology sector over the next 12 months, down from 61 per cent last year. The study of over 300 executives was conducted in January and February 2012.

Commenting on the overall upbeat results of the survey against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, Mads Christensen, Network Director of Eurocom Worldwide said: “Despite confidence in prospects for the technology sector in general falling from last year, senior executives remain upbeat about the outlook for their own businesses. This is remarkable since our survey was conducted in January and February against the backdrop of continuing concern about the Euro debt crisis and amid slowing GDP growth across many economies.”

The survey is positive on the outlook for tech jobs. Sixty per cent expect to increase employment, similar to last year (57 per cent). Just five per cent expect to decrease headcount (nine per cent in 2011). Almost a third of respondents refer to a skills shortage with 30 per cent saying it is more difficult than last year to hire individuals with the right technology skills.

Amanda Hassall, Director at Six Degrees, said: “We believe two things may be happening. Exciting new technologies in areas, such as mobile and the cloud, mean that there is a stronger case than ever for IT investment. Second, it is likely that deferred IT spend can no longer be delayed if organisations are to maintain competitiveness.”

The Eurocom Worldwide technology confidence survey was conducted online by member agencies of Eurocom Worldwide during January and February 2012. A total of 318 responses were received with approximately 80% from European countries and 11% from the Americas.

Game player research

New research from ICM Research into the profile of gamers in the UK has revealed some fascinating insights, including:

• Women are as likely as men to be into gaming (66% of men, 65% of women)
• 2 in 3 Facebook gamers are women, with 50% of them between 25 and 45
• 15% of people in the UK regularly play Facebook games like Cityville & Words with Friends – and 45% of those play every day, often for up to three hours at a time
• Under 45s of both genders tend to play games to pass the time
• Over 45s, particularly women, are more likely to play games to keep mentally fit
• Contrary to popular general perception, online gambling is least popular among older women

ICM’s online survey of 10,000 adults was supported with in-depth qualitative interviews with women over 45, a group recently identified in a government report from the National Centre for Social Research as one which has seen a surge in gambling. These interviews revealed:

• For older women, the social element of online gaming is really important – they go online to interact with current friends and to make new ones. While the games draw them in, they tend to make repeat visits to chat, socialize or interact with younger family members
• They are open to brand tie-ins and sponsored free games as long as commercial information is integral to the game and doesn’t interrupt them
• They worry about damaging their computers and prefer games they don’t have to download
• They prefer free games as they are concerned about getting carried away and spending too much
• Older women are gaming as an alternative to standard entertainment such as TV and puzzle books

Research Director Emily Hunt explained: “Our original focus was on female gamers but the data revealed some interesting new insights into the gaming community as a whole. Qualitatively we learned that there is a general desire to keep active through gaming with most people tending to prefer quick and easy games as opposed to longer, more mission-based games.”

The most significant highlights of the research include:
• Women are as likely as men to play on a console but for women this is driven by the Wii and DS or 3DS, whereas men prefer the Xbox 360, Kinect and PS3.
• Apps are driven by age not gender, being equally popular with younger men and women (23% of men, 25% of women under 45) but less so with older people with only 5% of over 45s expressing an interest.
• Facebook games are driven by both age and gender, with younger women being the most enthusiastic players (17% of young men, 26% of young women, 6% of older men, 13% of older women)
• All four main groups are equally likely to play games every day, but men under 45 are much more likely than any other group to be playing every couple of days.
• Under 45s of both gender are more likely to play games to pass the time (73% of men, 74% of women) but over 45s – particularly women – tend to play games to keep mentally fit (50% of women, 40% of men)
• While gaming to keep physically fit is driven by women, this is higher among the younger age groups (13% of young men, 11% of older men, 26% of young women, 21% of older women).

Emily Hunt added: “With the growing emphasis on social and digital media, this research has several implications for the marketing and media industries. Overall, it is clear that gaming is equally popular with both genders – so marketers need to take that into account when launching products and planning campaigns, while remaining conscious of the discrete motivations and preferences of different user groups.”

Metaswitch Puts Perimeta™ Session Border Control in the Cloud

Boosting its commitment to running high performance session border control (SBC) on commercial off-the-shelf platforms, Metaswitch Networks today announced that its industry-leading Perimeta SBC software is being made available for deployment on generic enterprise servers as well as virtual machine environments to support elastic cloud computing networks.

Introduced in September 2011 and already selected by more than 60 service providers worldwide, Perimeta’s flexible architecture supports independent scaling of an SBC’s signalling and media functions – allowing service providers to cost-effectively address the signalling-heavy, changing mix of network traffic. With Perimeta now available to run on various hypervisors, large operators can take advantage of private elastic cloud environments to scale SBC functions completely independently of dedicated hardware.

“Our established approach to building portable SBC software makes it natural to extend Perimeta into cloud-based architectures,” said Martin Taylor, Metaswitch’s CTO.

“By architecting our solution for massively parallel operation on multi-core CPUs, network operators can now, for the first time, leverage COTS server farms to initiate virtual SBC capacity on demand. This is a highly efficient use of shared compute resources and mirrors the software-defined network trend of moving control plane software into elastic compute clouds.”

“Today network operators are investing heavily in data center infrastructure, including server hardware and virtualisation software to support growing computing demands,” said Diane Myers, Directing Analyst, VoIP and IMS, Infonetics. “By allowing operators to scale SBC capacity and functions on demand, Metaswitch is helping to limit capital expenditures and infrastructure complexity while optimizing the use of SBC licenses.”

Perimeta SBC is currently running live on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Metaswitch will be demonstrating Perimeta at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 27 – March 1 on the MWC Avenue (AV80-81). Follow Metaswitch in Barcelona on Twitter at #metamwc.

Learn more about deploying Session Border Control in the cloud.

Metaswitch Networks is a leading provider of the software that powers a whole new generation of communications services, and the solutions that fuel the rapid migration to all-IP architectures. Hundreds of network operators worldwide defend, extend and brand their business by building on Metaswitch to deliver a reliable, scalable, and immersive communications experience. For more information, please visit www.metaswitch.com. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Nominet confirmed to apply for dot WALES & dot CYMRU

New Opportunity for Wales to position on global stage

It has been confirmed today that Nominet, the not-for-profit registry entrusted with the management of the .uk internet namespace, will take forward the application for a Top Level Domain (TLD) for Wales.

The application will be made to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body responsible for evaluating the applications a wide range of communities, cities and brands who want their own domains on the internet to join the likes of .com and .co.uk.

Based on survey results and stakeholder dialogue, Nominet is applying for two TLDs - dot CYMRU and dot WALES. This will deliver domains that are inclusive of the whole community, bringing economic and cultural benefits and encouraging greater use of the Welsh language online.

Nominet is one of the world’s leading registries, with a successful track record of managing the .uk registry - the fourth largest in the world - for the past 15 years.

The Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science - Mrs Edwina Hart MBE OStJ AM - has today indicated in a statement that the Welsh Government is content for Nominet to take the case for the Welsh TLDs forward.

Glenn Hayward Director of Finance & Business Development of Nominet said: “This is a big opportunity for Cymru /Wales to define its space on the internet and maximise the distinct identity of the country in both languages – so we will apply for both Dot CYMRU and Dot WALES domains.

“We are confident that our proposed model will position Wales at the forefront of the digital world, by creating trusted high quality domains that provide a clear signpost to all aspects of Welsh society. It will provide consumers and businesses with an opportunity to express their identity and pride through a dedicated online space.

“Nominet believes that a combined bid for dot CYMRU and dot WALES offers the greatest benefits, and this has the full backing of the Welsh Government.”

Ieuan Evans MBE, who chairs the Nominet Wales Advisory Group, said: “Nominet is a not for profit organisation and one of the world’s most experienced and respected registries. They are committed to delivering this bid to ICANN.

He added “Nominet is clearly committed to supporting more use of the Welsh language on the internet and has already advised on how this can be achieved in relation to domain names policy. Now is the time for everyone in Wales to back this bid and to see Wales further represented on the international stage.”

Nominet will now make a formal bid to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for both dot WALES and dot CYMRU to be established. Nominet will work with the Welsh Government and consider the needs of Welsh businesses and consumers, and the range of geographical, cultural and linguistic communities who wish to have a stake in the project.

Alex Blowers, who will take the lead with the campaign moving forward and work closely with Wales Advisory Group, said: “We will engage widely and openly to develop policy and operational practices that will make these new domains really deliver for Wales. We welcome dialogue with the Welsh Government and the business community on matters of policy and governance.

“We have an experienced Advisory Group in Wales which has been instrumental in pulling this bid together and will continue to help us as we move forward into the application stage and flesh out our policies".

(EDITOR: A Welsh language version of this story is at sister site Newyddion Cymru  http://newyddion-cymru.blogspot.com/2012/02/nominet-cadarnhau-i-wneud-cais-am-dot.html)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Akamai Introduces Kona Site Defender to Protect Enterprises from Multi-vectored DDoS and Application Security Attacks

Akamai® Technologies, Inc, a leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere, today introduced Akamai Kona Site Defender. The service is designed to protect the brand value of companies by shielding their web sites, applications and associated data in the face of increasing and more complex attacks.

These attacks can cost companies millions in lost transactions and business productivity each year, and even higher losses in their brand value and reputation. With the introduction of Kona Site Defender, real-time web security monitoring, adaptive rate controls and other powerful features are bundled into a single, always on, cloud-based solution that can protect an enterprise’s most critical online business functions.

Akamai currently provides web security solutions to more than 300 enterprises – including financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, and media and entertainment companies organising today’s most high-profile events – and has seen a more than 140 percent increase in customers taking advantage of Akamai security solutions from 2010 to 2011. And while many organisations still wish to pair acceleration with web security in order to give users of primary sites and web applications an optimal experience, an increasing number find that the requirement for protection from DDoS and application layer attacks applies to a much broader number of their web properties. The availability of Kona Site Defender makes it possible for these organisations to more easily protect web sites from attack without requiring the purchase of acceleration and optimisation services.

“Attackers don't stay on one layer anymore; they tend to include both network and application-based techniques, which makes defending against them more complicated,” said Wendy Nather, research director of 451 Research's Enterprise Security Practice. “Enterprises are looking for resilient defence that takes advantage of the provider's experience with large volumes of these kinds of attacks.”

At the foundation of Akamai’s security offerings is the massively distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™ that is designed to provide not only unmatched scale but also automatic protection against network layer attacks. Because the Akamai Intelligent Platform is designed to only accept valid HTTP/S requests on port 80 and port 443, network layer attacks such as TCP SYN floods, UDP floods, and other network packet based attacks are deflected. The Akamai Intelligent Platform is further designed with built-in automatic protections against HTTP “slow client” attacks (e.g. Slowloris) and HTTP Request Smuggling attacks.

Akamai’s platform-based approach to web security can offer powerful protection to customers without incurring the performance penalty often associated with other methods, such as traffic scrubbing. Akamai seeks to deliver protection natively in the existing traffic path eliminating the need for rerouting, mitigating added latency and incurring no single point of failure. The Akamai Intelligent Platform is designed to deliver always on protection with industry leading scalability. Every Akamai edge server can act as a Kona Site Defender policy enforcement point, which is designed to allow Akamai to rapidly scale up defences against attacks against its customers. In addition, Kona Site Defender helps protects customers from some of the potential costs resulting from high volume attacks by explicitly capping burst fees that Akamai might otherwise charge for traffic bursts if that traffic was caused by a large scale DDoS attack.

At the application layer, where attacks such as SQL injection and cross site scripting are prevalent, the Akamai technology is differentiated through the inclusion of a full-feature web application firewall. This application layer firewall consists of approximately 100 easy to configure rules that are designed to provide:

• HTTP protocol violation protections
• HTTP request limits
• HTTP policy limits (limit methods, content types, file extensions, etc.)
• Protections against trojans
• Defenses against scanners and bad robots
• Generic attack protections (e.g. SQL injections, cross site scripting, system command injections, etc.)
• Outbound content protection

In addition, the web application firewall can block requests based on the geography of the IP address making the request and it can define custom rules that apply specific protections for customer applications.

New design features introduced with the launch of Kona Site Defender include:

Advanced Security Monitor: Knowing in real-time that a web site or application is being attacked, and having visibility into the nature and source of the attack, is critical to a successful defense. Kona Site Defender provides security professionals with the required real-time visibility into security events as well as the capability to drill down into attack alerts to retrieve detailed information on who is attacking, what they are attacking, which defence capabilities triggered the attack declaration and what specifically was seen in the requests that triggered site defences. As important, archived log data is available for 90 days to aid in post-attack forensics review.

Rate Controls: Kona Site Defender provides a new set of web defences based on detecting and blocking clients that exhibit malicious behaviour. The platform monitors the rate of requests coming from individual IP addresses and gathers statistics about each. This allows customers to block any IP address that is behaving in an abusive way, such as sending too many requests per second or causing too many origin errors. These protections are always on. Further statistics collected allow Kona Site Defender to automatically detect IP addresses that have a high request rate but are not malicious such as large enterprise proxies.

“Our customers are some of the most innovative online businesses in the world, and as such, are looking for that same level of innovation from the companies with which they work to protect their brands and their reputations,” explained John Summers, vice president, Security Business, Akamai. “With the introduction of Kona Site Defender, we’re offering what we believe is the best way to respond to an ever changing, and in many ways, ever more hostile online environment.”

In recent weeks, Akamai customers have benefitted from the Company’s differentiated approach to delivering DDoS mitigation and web application security services. Both commercial and government organisations have been protected from potentially crippling, long-term attacks that in some cases reached a peak of more than 16,300 requests/sec (862 Mb/sec), an increase of 110 times normal traffic, and lasted over three days. In every case, the customers’ sites remained up and fully operational.

Akamai Kona Site Defender is in limited availability now and will be generally available April 11, 2012. For more information please visit http://www.akamai.com/security. To see Kona Site Defender in action, please visit Akamai at the upcoming RSA Conference 2012 (Booth 851).

Akamai® is a leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. At the core of the Company's solutions is the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ providing extensive reach, coupled with unmatched reliability, security, visibility and expertise. Akamai removes the complexities of connecting the increasingly mobile world, supporting 24/7 consumer demand, and enabling enterprises to securely leverage the cloud. To learn more about how Akamai is accelerating the pace of innovation in a hyperconnected world, please visit www.akamai.com or blogs.akamai.com, and follow @Akamai on Twitter.

Becrypt extends ultra-secure encryption for tablet devices with DISK Protect

Becrypt, a leading supplier of cybersecurity solutions to Federal and Local government agencies, Department of Defense and other public sector organizations has further extended its Full Disk Encryption software to tablet devices.

Becrypt’s award winning DISK Protect full disk encryption solution, which is FIPS 140-2 compliant, is now available for tablet devices with virtual keyboards, from a range of leading manufacturers including HP, Motion and Panasonic as well as for the ground-breaking Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550. Becrypt’s DISK Protect helps agencies comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) by encrypting sensitive data on desktops, laptops and now, tablets as well.

Becrypt’s DISK Protect for tablets ensures sensitive data is fully protected in the event of loss or theft, with prevention of unauthorized access ensured by strong user authentication. This robust software encryption layer compliments the hardware security features integrated into many of the devices, which can include smartcard readers and fingerprint readers. Running Microsoft Windows 7, tablets with Becrypt DISK Protect provide IT departments with a known and trusted operating system that can be securely managed centrally.

Becrypt offers government teams and other remote or mobile workers a viable tablet that delivers all the productivity and efficiency gains demanded of the innovative form factor, with class-leading security protection delivered as an integral part of the solution.

Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt commented, “At Becrypt we are committed to providing flexible, yet highly secure ways to protect data, enabling people to remain highly productive even when working with sensitive government, citizen or commercial data. Our long track record of working with governments around the world to provide encryption solutions to protect highly sensitive data means that we are ideally placed to provide solutions for new form factors like the latest range of tablet devices that use virtual keyboards.”

In November 2011, Becrypt and Fujitsu announced the availability of the first comprehensively secure tablet PC, the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 with Becrypt’s DISK Protect full disk encryption, aimed at Federal agencies, healthcare, law enforcement and other public sector organisations.

Becrypt is a leading supplier of innovative Information Assurance solutions and services, providing secure, feature-rich, out-of-the-box products that are government-certified and suitable for all industry sectors. Becrypt products protect customers in key government areas including: central, federal, state and local government, the defence sector, law enforcement and transportation.

Through technology and OEM partnerships Becrypt enables third-party solutions with encryption and other data security capabilities.

Becrypt has offices in McLean, VA, USA, London, UK, and Sydney, Australia serving clients worldwide.

For more information please visit: www.becrypt.com

Unique workflow wizard simplifies safe onboarding of personal mobile devices to corporate networks

Bradford Networks has announced it has developed a Mobile Security Suite with HP. The integrated solution combines Bradford’s heterogeneous network access control (NAC) with HP Enterprise Mobility Solutions to create an easy-to-use workflow wizard that simplifies the deployment of both Bradford and HP products. Benefits include securely allowing personal mobile devices onto corporate networks quickly and a decreased total cost of ownership.

“Gaining visibility into who and what devices are on your network is a critical first step towards enabling secure access in a Bring Your Own Device environment,” said Vincent Ma, VP, Business Development, Bradford Networks. “We have created the Mobile Security Suite to give customers a best-of-breed secure network access solution, so that customers can focus on running their business, not administering the solution.”

According to Gartner, NAC will be a key element in a flexible approach to securing a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environment. “The ability to support NAC policies in wireless LANs will become more important during the BYOD era,” said Gartner research director, Lawrence Orans.

Available in a range of deployment options, including on-premise, virtual and as a private cloud offering, the Mobile Security Suite addresses the most critical enterprise IT issues driven by the consumerisation of IT, including:

- Enabling flexible network access for personal devices without compromising security – employees can use their own devices and be more productive

- Securing network resources, including financial assets, intellectual property, R&D data, credit card data, and patient data

- Providing the IT staff with 100 per cent visibility into the devices being connected to their corporate networks

- Provisioning network access based on device type and user role

- Eliminating device vulnerabilities that can create backdoors for cyber-criminals and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks

- Ensuring regulatory compliance with PCI, CIPA, HIPAA and more.

“As the use of personal devices in the workplace becomes more prominent, organisations need a way to securely connect users to corporate networks,” said Roger Sands, product line director, Mobility and Wireless, Networking, HP. “Together, Bradford’s network access control and HP Networking solutions allow organisations to securely onboard and profile all types of personal mobile devices onto the network while achieving complete network visibility.”


The Bradford Networks Mobile Security Suite for HP will be available in March 2012.

Bradford Networks offers the best solution to enable secure network access for corporate issued and personal mobile devices. The company’s flexible Network Sentry platform is the first network security offering that can automatically identify and profile all devices and all users on a network, providing complete visibility and control. Unlike vendor-specific network security products, Network Sentry provides a view across all brands of network equipment and connecting devices eliminating the network blind spots that can introduce risk. Hundreds of customers and millions of users worldwide rely on Bradford to secure their IP networks.

Huddle unveils Huddle Sync, world’s first intelligent file synchronisation platform for the enterprise

CIOs and end users alike are set to benefit from the world’s first intelligent file synchronization (sync) tool built specifically for the enterprise as Huddle today launched its private beta program for Huddle Sync.

Meeting enterprise-scale sync requirements, Huddle Sync enables everyone in an organisation to securely access the entire corporate knowledge store and intelligently syncs only relevant documents onto their desktop and mobile devices. CIOs regain control of data being shared within and across the firewall thanks to full audit trails and granular permission settings and end users can work on the latest version of their content when offline.

Personal mobile devices are now prevalent in the workplace and the amount of digital enterprise content is rapidly increasing, making consumer file sync tools a compelling proposition for workers. In one click, users can share files in real-time between their enterprise and personal devices, enabling them to work from any location. However, these consumer sync tools fail to resolve the enterprise issue of syncing data across entire workforces and organisations and present significant security risks. Among these risks are increased probability of data leakage, misuse of enterprise content and no record of where content is stored.

"File synchronisation is already popular among individual users who use it to access content remotely and on multiple devices,” explains Nikos Drakos, Research Director, Gartner. “It is rapidly becoming a business requirement but it needs to be done in a way that does not compromise security either while information travels to external servers, or while it is stored on PCs, tablets and smartphones."

Huddle Sync makes true cross-enterprise sync possible. Workers can have visibility of all enterprise content they are permitted to view, in real-time and on any device, and only files of immediate interest are fully synced. Powered by patent-pending predictive technology, Huddle Sync’s set of learning algorithms, which are linked to workers’ actions in Huddle, intelligently select files that will be of most relevance to users for full sync. 

Without having to sync the entire corporate knowledge store onto their devices, placeholder files give workers visibility of all the files available to them without consuming bandwidth and reducing the likelihood of enterprise data being compromised. As the tool manages version conflicts, teams do not waste time reconciling changes or replicating work, and everyone has the most up-to-date files.

In addition to providing IT with full transparency of where data is stored, who has synced what files and full audit trails, Huddle Sync has a remote wipe capability. As the CIO’s last line of defense, should a device be lost or stolen, or an individual leave the company, enterprise data can be remotely deleted from the endpoint to ensure that it does not get into the wrong hands.

“Cross-enterprise file sync is a very different and more complex challenge than personal file sync,” explains Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle. “Enterprises have to sync not just an individual’s data, but that of everyone across the organization and make it securely available offline on multiple devices. On average, a document in Huddle is securely shared with 20 other people, making enterprise sync 20 times more complex than personal sync. 

"Consumer sync tools are great for providing access to documents at an individual level, but they lack the security, scalability and intelligence required for the enterprise. They’re a time bomb of costly data loss waiting to happen. Huddle Sync combines intelligent sync capabilities with enterprise content management to deliver a service that is great for users and CIOs. Enterprise end users have the documents they need at their fingertips and the ability to view all enterprise content, stored securely in the cloud, if they need to sync more. True enterprise sync is now a reality and enterprise data should no longer flow freely across firewalls and onto consumer devices under IT’s radar.”

To register your interest in the Huddle Sync private beta program, please visit www.huddle.com/huddlesync

New Huddle for iPhone
Coinciding with the launch of Huddle Sync, Huddle has also revealed its new iPhone app designed to make workers’ dead-time productive. Rebuilt from the ground up to take full advantage of the device’s intuitive interface and leveraging Huddle Sync’s intelligent technology, Huddle for iPhone enables cloud collaboration and content management on the go.

Securely syncing users’ recommended content for offline viewing, the app enables workers to access important files from anywhere, at any time, online or offline. For example, when travelling to meetings, sitting at an airport or working remotely. Content can be reviewed and approved, new tasks can be added to a to-do list as soon as they come to mind and, with just one tap, items can be assigned and completed. To ensure data is always secure, all transmissions to and from Huddle are encrypted at 256-bit SSL and the iPhone application’s storage is encrypted so that content cannot be accessed.

Established in 2006, Huddle is the leader in cloud content collaboration for the enterprise. Huddle is used by more than 100,000 business and government organisations worldwide, including AKQA, HTC and Kia Motors, to securely store, share and collaborate on content with people inside and outside of their organization.

Huddle can be accessed online, on desktops via Microsoft Office applications and on the move with BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad apps. It is currently available in 15 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

More information can be found at www.huddle.com

Monday, 20 February 2012

50th SES spacecraft in orbit after successful ILS proton launch

SES S.A. has announced that the SES-4 satellite roared into space on board an ILS Proton Breeze M booster. After a 9-hour, 12-minute mission, the Breeze M upper stage of the Proton rocket successfully released the SES-4 satellite directly into geostationary transfer orbit.

SES-4 is a 20-kilowatt satellite manufactured on the flight-proven Space Systems/Loral 1300 platform with 52 C-band and 72 Ku-band transponders. It has C-band beams serving the eastern hemisphere of Europe and Africa, full coverage of the Americas, and a global beam to support mobile and maritime customers. Four high-power, regional Ku-band beams provide service to Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, as well as North and South America with extensive channel switching capability between C- and Ku-band transponders for enhanced connectivity.

SES-4 is the 50th satellite in the global SES fleet and also the largest, most powerful SES satellite to date. It will replace the NSS-7 satellite at 338 degrees East longitude and provide replacement as well as incremental capacity at this well established SES orbital slot over the Atlantic Ocean.

Romain Bausch, President and CEO of SES, said: "SES is delighted to see the 50th satellite in its fleet successfully launched after two unfortunate Proton-related launch delays. We thank the launch teams of Space Systems/Loral, ILS, Khrunichev and SES for their dedicated work. Their relentless efforts ensured ultimately a total success. After thorough in-orbit testing, SES and its customers can now look forward to SES-4 providing new, state-of-the-art satellite capacity across three continents."

"With the successful launch of SES-4, we marked several more milestones with our long-time customer SES, including the 20th SES satellite launched on ILS Proton and the 50th satellite in the SES fleet. It is also our 70th ILS Proton launch since the first launch with SES' ASTRA 1F satellite in 1996. It is an honour for ILS and Khrunichev to be entrusted with launching the powerful SES-4 satellite and all of the past and upcoming ILS Proton missions for SES," said ILS President, Frank McKenna.

John Celli, President of Space Systems/Loral, stated: "I would like to congratulate SES, ILS and Khrunichev on this successful launch and to recognize the teams from all of our companies who have worked so hard to assure a perfect launch. Space Systems/Loral is very pleased to help support SES' fleet expansion and its ability to provide communications services across the world."

The next SES launch is scheduled for Q2, 2012, when an ILS Proton booster will orbit the SES-5 spacecraft, also manufactured by Space Systems/Loral, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

SES carries world-leading satellite operations with a fleet of 50 geostationary satellites (SES satellite footprint maps can be viewed on the SES website). The company provides satellite communications services to content and internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators and business and governmental organisations worldwide, as well as providing media & broadcaster satellites.

SES stands for long-lasting business relationships, high-quality service and excellence in the broadcasting industry. The culturally diverse regional teams of SES are located around the globe and work closely with customers to meet their specific satellite bandwidth and service requirements.

SES (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) holds participations in Ciel in Canada and QuetzSat in Mexico, as well as a strategic participation in satellite infrastructure start-up O3b Networks. Further information visit: www.ses.com.

Insight guides its clients through latest price increase announcement from Microsoft

Insight, Microsoft’s largest UK and global reseller, has been advising its clients in the wake of the recent announcement by Microsoft regarding forthcoming changes in pricing policy that will effect all volume licensing customers within the EU and EFTA countries.

From 1st July 2012, Microsoft will now be aligning its pricing to the Euro at the prevailing exchange rate. Commented Ashley Gatehouse, EMEA VP of Marketing at Insight UK, “Clearly Microsoft is seeking to establish consistent pricing across Europe and obviously this has implications for our clients depending on the prevailing currency rates.”

Continued Gatehouse, “Insight sees its role as a trusted advisor to its customers. We sell more Microsoft Volume licensing products than any other Microsoft partner and as such we are well placed to guide our clients through these changes and bring clarity in a potentially complicated process. We urge any organisation that has concerns to contact us immediately and we will be able to assist and advise them.”

The exact extent of any price changes in July will be determined by future exchange rates between the British Pound and Euro. Said Gatehouse, “Insight will be advised by Microsoft on 1st May of exact changes, however analysis of current European and UK pricing indicates a potential uplift on existing Microsoft UK pricing of 20% on some products is possible.”

As Gatehouse confirmed, “Insight is focused on always providing our clients with the best independent guidance and advice and we are happy to assist with any queries and concerns they might have.”

(EDITOR: So Microsoft are attaching their European sales to a currency that is seen by many to be on its last legs? Good luck with that idea, Microsoft...)

That's Travel: National Rail Enquiries launches mobile site for i...

That's Travel: National Rail Enquiries launches mobile site for i...: National Rail Enquiries ( www.nationalrail.co.uk ) (NRE) has launched a new version of its site optimised for mobile users ( http://m...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Leading IT optimisation consultancy Intergence, announced as specialist cloud services supplier of G-Cloud

Peter Job, CEO at IntergenceLeading IT optimisation consultancy Intergence, a business that is focused on people and performance in IT infrastructure, has been announced as one of the suppliers of the UK Government’s cloud computing procurement initiative, G-Cloud.

The framework will feature services divided into four segments, with Intergence as part of the specialist cloud services. Other supplier segments include infrastructure as a service, software as a service and platform as a service.

As part of the £60m framework, Intergence will be a listed supplier on the Government’s ‘CloudStore’, an online marketplace where supplier services will be detailed and rated, allowing public sector departments and buyers to make comparisons for future procurement.

The CloudStore is expected to be announced shortly following a posting on the site stating:

“We’re currently testing that what we’ve done makes sense and works and then we’ll be opening the store up for everyone to see, use and feedback on but before we can do that we need to get on with working through and assuring the 1700 services for the catalogue.”

Commenting on being selected as a G-Cloud supplier Peter Job, CEO at Intergence said: “We were selected as part of the framework for our strong cloud management, infrastructure and ability to create and manage cloud strategies and deployment.” Peter continued “One of our major strengths lies in our flagship product Hyperglance, which will enable G-Cloud buyers to prioritise their IT decision-making with a visual perspective, allowing the allocation of resources based on real priorities, not guesswork.”

Intergence (www.intergence.com) is a leading independent IT Optimisation Consultancy, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with a regional office in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE) and was founded in 2003 to address the growing requirements of clients demanding high-level impartial expertise in networks and IT. Our close relationship within the Cambridge academic community enables us to innovate in partnership, rapidly incorporating the latest technology advances into our products and services.

Intergence operates over two distinct lines of business; people and performance. Our expertise and knowledge within the field allows us to resource the right people in the right place, getting your IT projects completed quickly and hassle free. Utilising world first products and professional optimisation services, Intergence has a clear and common purpose- to improve performance and extract more value from your IT infrastructure.

You can follow Intergence on Twitter

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wolves whistle happy tune thanks to new wireless network from SilverBug

Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers (the Wolves), has signed a contract with outsourcing IT experts, SilverBug, for a new stadium wide wireless network, which makes it, probably, the best network available at any UK sports stadium.

The investment in this new technology is part of Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan's commitment to redevelop and modernise the club, and provide first class facilities for its supporters, staff and visitors.

As part of the network overhaul, SilverBug is providing new back-end servers, increased storage capability and enhanced network security features for the Club. This will allow visiting journalists, and pitch side photographers, access to fast, reliable wireless technology for reporting, with no dead spots or diminishing networks caused by the drain of high user numbers, unlike most other clubs.

Wolves is due to open a new £18million Stan Cullis (North) Stand in July this year. The new North Stand will house an interactive Club Museum, which the network will also enable.

Commenting on the investment in the new feature rich network, Jez Moxey, CEO at Wolves said: "We always aim to provide our fans and visitors with the best possible experience when visiting Molineux . This state-of-the-art Wireless network from SilverBug opens-up new opportunities to improve both our match day, and non-match day, service whether that be more efficient ticketing, communications or services to visiting journalists and photographers from across the UK and overseas”.

Owen Daley, MD of SilverBug said: "It's a very exciting time in the development of Wolves, and SilverBug is pleased to be a part of that, by providing the Club with such leading, cost effective technology."

With its HQ in Milton Keynes and an office in Leeds, SilverBug (www.silverbug.com) delivers innovative outsourced IT solutions to small and medium sized enterprises across the UK and globally. With a customer base that spans from start-up organisations to major household brands, SilverBug provides IT solutions that enhance business efficiency and provide tangible business benefits to its customers.

Mobile Operators: Are You Keeping Up?

Under its theme “The Switch is On – Are You Keeping Up?” Metaswitch Networks, a leading provider of the software and solutions that power a whole new generation of communications services, will use Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, February 27 – March 1) to show how operators can keep up with the increasing demands of network traffic, standards compliance, competitive threats and customer needs.

“Operators that don’t move quickly to build a suite of applications around subscribers’ mobile phone numbers are going to be eclipsed by the OTT revolution,” said Steve Gleave, vice president of marketing at Metaswitch.

“Metaswitch provides these operators with weapons to seize power in this struggle, equipping them with multimedia telephony solutions that can deliver an immersive communications experience to all of their customers. As these new applications drive more traffic on all networks, Metaswitch’s new breed of session border controllers can also scale to support the non-linear growth of messaging and media.”

Metaswitch’s success in developing innovative applications has been recognized by its finalist nomination in the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, the winners of which are announced on February 28. Thrutu™, Metaswitch’s pioneering mobile content sharing app now available for exclusive licensing by mobile operators, is shortlisted in the “Most Innovative Mobile App” category.

To showcase its suite of solutions for mobile operators, Metaswitch is running a series of live interactive demos at its pavilion on The Avenue (80/81). Also engaging visitors will be soccer ‘keepie-uppie’ Guinness World Record holder Daniel Cutting, performing his repertoire of unique juggling skills hourly.

Metaswitch Networks is a leading provider of the software that powers a whole new generation of communications services, and the solutions that fuel the rapid migration to all-IP architectures. Hundreds of network operators worldwide defend, extend and brand their business by building on Metaswitch to deliver a reliable, scalable, and immersive communications experience. For more information, please visit www.metaswitch.com. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Top Irish Charity opts for CRM from m-hance

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP), the largest voluntary organisation in Ireland dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage, has gone live with a centralised finance and CRM system from m-hance comprising a portfolio of membership, regional location, donor and client management applications.

The web-based system is helping SVP to increase the efficiency of its fundraising operations and significantly minimise administration costs whilst aiding legislative compliance.

m-hance’s integrated system, which is replacing multiple standalone Access databases, is being delivered as a five-year fully managed service contract and includes the provision of comprehensive service desk support. The new system is being rolled-out on a phased basis across Ireland and will initially be piloted to 100 of SVP’s area conferences within the Dublin region.

Helen O’Broin, IT Project Manager, at The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Ireland, explains, “It is essential that we invest in leading edge technology to enable us operate more efficiently and improve the quality of services we provide to those in need. m-hance has an excellent reputation within the not-for-profit sector and took the time to fully understand our needs as a charity. By demonstrating excellent implementation skills m-hance has ensured that this complex project has so far been a major success.”

SVP Ireland operates over 1,200 small regional groups, called ‘Conferences’, who maintain individual records of their charitable activities. Details of all transactions, donations and collections data are logged manually within treasury books and spreadsheets. This was extremely time-consuming to collate and difficult to compare. SVP also had no central visibility of its supporters who were regularly making donations via different methods (postal, online, in person at an event etc) or of the profile of the people who were requesting the charity’s assistance.

m-hance’s system will enable SVP’s Conferences to easily access, store and update details about their client cases and all aspects of their financial performance online, significantly improving the visibility and reporting of key information in real-time throughout the year. It will also streamline financial year-end reporting involving the reconciliation of over 1,200 bank accounts and significantly reduce tax relief administration.

O’Broin comments, “m-hance’s system will allow us to access comprehensive information about those we help in one integrated system, eliminating duplication of effort and significantly improving financial visibility and control throughout the Society. The new solution will reduce our financial year-end reporting by up to five months and help to speed-up the financial audit process.”

O’Broin continues, “We can now better manage and record all postal and credit card donations online. This has enabled us to increase the efficiency of our fundraising operations and significantly minimise administration costs, providing us with a rapid return on our investment. The CRM system’s intuitive functionality and built-in templates is also helping us to better target our marketing campaigns to different donor types whilst making receipting, thanking and asking for donations a much simpler process.”

Furthermore, m-hance’s solution can also be utilised to record up-to-date information on cases, track financial assistance by case and receive requests for assistance directly via email to assist SVP’s Conferences in their weekly work to further support the people they help. It will also enable Conferences to store, view and update information on volunteer members and staff to ensure that Garda vetting has been passed.

O’Broin adds, “The Irish Government increasingly depend on the Society to provide accurate details on the levels of poverty in Ireland. m-hance’s system will make it so much quicker for us to provide this information and strengthen our ability to influence future social policy, in addition to ensuring we are fully compliant with changing legislation.”

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul http://svp.ie

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP) is a charitable organisation dedicated to the service of the poor. Established by French university students in 1833 led by the Blessed Frederic Ozanam, the Society is today present in 132 countries.

SVP is the largest, voluntary, charitable organisation in Ireland. Its membership of 9,500 volunteers throughout the country is supported by professional staff, working for social justice and the creation of a more just, caring nation. This unique network of social concern also gives practical support to those experiencing poverty and social exclusion, by providing a wide range of services to people in need. The concept of need is broader than financial hardship, so visiting the sick, the lonely and the imprisoned form a large proportion of the Society’s work.

The Society operates in small groups, called “Conferences”, based on local parishes which meet regularly and their work is usually concentrated on local visiting. However over the years SVP has responded to social changes, providing a range of additional services depending on the prevailing need. Today, these “Special Works” include shops, resource centres, and through the provision of accommodation to vulnerable people including various holiday schemes amongst other activities.

m-hance www.m-hance.com

m-hance is a UK-based company providing innovative and functionally rich business software solutions to 2000 mid-market sized organisations including G4S, Stafford Lynch and Endsleigh Insurance. m-hance’s core solutions offering consist of financial management, CRM, managed services and software development in a variety of vertical markets including distribution, manufacturing, not-for-profit and professional services.

Formed on 1 November 2011 following the acquisitions of Calyx Software, Gyrosoft, Trinity Computer Services and elements of MentecPlus, Touchstone Group, Sys-Care and Avant-Garde, m-hance is a leading supplier of innovative business software to mid-sized organisations. m-hance is currently supported by 150 staff from offices in Manchester, London, Loughborough, Dublin and Glasgow.

Social by design’ to be key feature of Facebook Developer Garage on 16th Feb

Gamaroff Digital
‘Social by design’ is set to be the key message that organisations and developers alike will be shouting about at this Thursday’s upcoming Facebook Developer Garage.

The concept lies in the theory that marketing professionals should stop thinking of their interactions with their customers as one-way exchanges and focus primarily on developing apps that utilise the very feature that makes Facebook such an attractive platform for friends.

Social by design dictates that organisations wanting to build successful apps on Facebook’s platform need to not only be bringing friends to the core of application ideas but making them integral to the app’s functioning.

Roshan Singh of Gamaroff Digital, who will be speaking at the Facebook Developer Garage on Thursday, says: “Facebook itself is the best example of social by design and the best apps out there should feel like a natural extension of Facebook’s own platform.”

The Facebook Developer Garage will be held on Thursday 16th February as part of Social Media Week. http://www.facebookgarage.org.uk/

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BCS Announces Extended Software Asset Management Contract with Shop Direct

Business Continuity Services (BCS), a trusted global provider of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and services, today announced, after working with them extensively throughout 2011, an extended contract with Shop Direct, one of its many key customers.

Shop Direct Group is the UK’s leading online and home shopping retailer with nine brands including Littlewoods, Very and isme. Shop Direct are using Software Organiser; a market leading software licence management tool supplied and supported by BCS that provides everything an organisation needs to effectively identify and control costly software assets.

Following a period of intensive SAM focused activity; Shop Direct has now engaged BCS to provide an ongoing SAM Managed Service Delivery Programme plus ad-hoc consultancy services.

Through their SAM Managed Delivery Programme, BCS is providing Shop Direct with a “per device, fixed fee, fully managed compliance service (FMS)”. BCS will manage Shop Direct’s SAM compliance programme, helping the organisation to maintain compliance, prepare for audits, plan software upgrade paths and control software maintenance costs. This enables the Shop Direct IT team to focus on their core responsibilities in the knowledge that these essential tasks are in experienced professional hands.

A Shop Direct spokesman stated; “BCS continues to work with us to ensure our internal software asset management solutions meet the high standards expected of a successful commercially driven company such as ours.”

Shop Direct has an annual turnover of £1.7 billion and over five million customers. Its contact centres and warehouses handle over 19 million calls and over 53 million items per year. To put this into context, this exciting online retailer sells a pair of jeans and a dress every 12 seconds. In recent years, Shop Direct has grown its online ecommerce trading with the IT department evolving in tune with these developments, thus necessitating the need to identify and better manage their increasingly expensive software assets.

With over 8,000 devices spread across multiple sites around the UK, Shop Direct was looking for a supplier with extensive SAM experience and impartial licensing knowledge. Having provided independent and accurate information for over 17 years on optimizing software licensing, normalising audit data and helping customers to achieve software licence compliance; BCS was an obvious choice.

Today, through its SAM Managed Delivery Programme and consultancy services, BCS is helping Shop Direct execute its Software Asset Management plan in order to achieve a controlled Effective Licence Position (ELP) enabling reconciliation and management of software installs plus identification and reduction of any associated risks. As part of the service, BCS also helps Shop Direct to effectively appreciate and manage multiple vendor software agreements and contracts in order to achieve a mature software licence compliance position.

Andy Fisher, New Business Development Director for BCS comments: “To date, we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Shop Direct. Over the past couple of years, we have worked together to enhance their ability to recycle and re-harvest their licence estate and as a result, Shop Direct now has its software licences and SAM practices under control. We are delighted that we have been invited to continue working with Shop Direct as I think this clearly demonstrates the value that we are providing through our SAM Managed Service Delivery Programme which now covers approximately 140,000 devices world wide for clients of all types.”

BCS is a trusted global provider of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and services with over 17 years’ of relevant experience. BCS also operate as the Exclusive Global Distributor for Software Organiser, a market leading software licence management tool that provides everything a customer needs to effectively control costly software assets. BCS solutions have helped customers save millions of pounds in unnecessary software licence fees and hardware maintenance costs.For further information please visit: http:/bcsltd.com/

Monday, 13 February 2012

Centrix Software Strikes Alliance with Atlantis Computing to Address VDI Storage Challenge

Companies come together to help enterprises avoid storage bottlenecks when scaling virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Centrix Software, a leading provider of workspace computing solutions, today announced it has joined forces with Atlantis Computing, the leader in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) storage and performance optimisation solutions, to help organisations accurately size and reduce the cost of storage requirements for large-scale desktop virtualisation deployments.

Many IT organisations are unaware the major expense of VDI is not software or server hardware, but storage. As much as 80% of the cost of implementing a conventional VDI environment is for the storage infrastructure needed to support implementations that meet user expectations. Conventional SAN/NAS storage systems can only deliver the data throughput (IOPS) needed to support VDI by increasing the number of storage drives and controllers well beyond that needed to deliver the required disk space.

As virtual desktop IO traffic is significantly more than physical desktops, storage can often be undersized for VDI installations leading to performance and budget issues, and projects stalling when these deployments move from pilot phase to production.

As part of this new alliance, Centrix Software and Atlantis Computing will work together to help organisations optimise the delivery of virtual desktops, providing solutions that ensure storage infrastructure costs are minimised and high performance levels are achieved when scaling VDI.

• With Centrix WorkSpace iQ, an analytics solution for end-user computing environments, Centrix Software provides unprecedented and unique levels of visibility on IOPS activity and detailed analysis on the impact of user session concurrency on a virtual desktop infrastructure. The information it delivers enables accurate sizing of storage architecture based on platform usage and service consumption patterns as well as continuous analysis of the VDI environment.

• Atlantis Computing enables organisations to scale their VDI without having to invest in unnecessary storage resources. Its Atlantis ILIO solution is designed specifically for VDI workloads and, as a result, reduces the amount of traffic going to storage by up to 90 percent and decreases the storage capacity required by up to 99 percent. The impact is a dramatic reduction in the cost of the virtual desktop and a large boost in desktop performance.

“To gain the best performance and value from VDI, organisations have to be able to track the impact of service usage and consumption patterns on the supporting infrastructure. Greater visibility on IOPS is essential if storage is to be sized and managed correctly,” said Paul Burke, director of product management at Centrix Software. “By working closely with Atlantis Computing, we are pleased to be adding value to its pioneering work around storage optimisation as we help organisations accelerate the delivery of successful virtual desktops projects.”

“Centrix WorkSpace iQ is unique in its ability to track IOPS loads at a granular level including boot sessions, providing valuable intelligence that can be used for defining the impact of VDI deployments on the storage architecture and identifying where optimisation is needed to curtail costs,” said Bernard Harguindeguy, chief executive officer of Atlantis Computing. “Our alliance with Centrix Software builds on our quest to help organisations eliminate the storage challenge around VDI and benefit in faster time from their virtualisation investments.”

Centrix Software and Atlantis Computing plan to announce the availability of reference materials and resources as part of the alliance partnership.

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Headquartered in Newbury, UK, with offices in Boston and New York, Centrix Software provides award-winning workspace computing solutions that optimise the way IT infrastructures deliver applications and content provisioned from physical, virtual, web or hosted platforms. By enabling a user-centric approach to IT service delivery, Centrix Software helps its customers to be more agile, flexible and efficient in how they deliver client-side technology services.

Centrix Software’s solutions have helped leading organisations in banking and securities, insurance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities, and the public sector. For more information please visit www.centrixsoftware.com.

About Atlantis Computing

Atlantis Computing is transforming enterprise desktop computing by solving the challenges of virtual desktop deployments: storage costs, performance and the impact of security on server density. The Atlantis ILIO software complements Citrix, VMware, and Quest VDI solutions to cut VDI costs and deliver a desktop that is faster than a PC. With Atlantis ILIO, IT organisations can deploy 4-7 times more desktops on the same storage footprint, making VDI more affordable by both cutting the amount of storage needed per desktop and enabling the use of less expensive storage options. Atlantis Computing is privately held and funded by El Dorado Ventures, Partech International and Cisco Systems with headquarters in Mountain View, California, and offices in London, England.

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