Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Social by design’ to be key feature of Facebook Developer Garage on 16th Feb

Gamaroff Digital
‘Social by design’ is set to be the key message that organisations and developers alike will be shouting about at this Thursday’s upcoming Facebook Developer Garage.

The concept lies in the theory that marketing professionals should stop thinking of their interactions with their customers as one-way exchanges and focus primarily on developing apps that utilise the very feature that makes Facebook such an attractive platform for friends.

Social by design dictates that organisations wanting to build successful apps on Facebook’s platform need to not only be bringing friends to the core of application ideas but making them integral to the app’s functioning.

Roshan Singh of Gamaroff Digital, who will be speaking at the Facebook Developer Garage on Thursday, says: “Facebook itself is the best example of social by design and the best apps out there should feel like a natural extension of Facebook’s own platform.”

The Facebook Developer Garage will be held on Thursday 16th February as part of Social Media Week. http://www.facebookgarage.org.uk/

Gamaroff Digital is a social experience and mobile agency and official sponsor of the Facebook Developer Garage. http://www.gamaroffdigital.co.uk

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