Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cruise Amour leads way in website security

Cruise Amour has shown its commitment to customer security by being the first UK agency to adopt site-wide security measures.

Barely a week goes by without a report that another "big-name" company has had its on-line security compromised or has failed to properly protect its customer's data. Although the travel industry has by chance managed to avoid such pitfalls, Cruise Amour has taken the pro-active step of introducing additional industry leading security measures.

MD Tim Hurrell, pointed out: "Our customers are everything to us and it's important we look after them. Not just by delivering an exceptional holiday experience, but by protecting their data and ensuring that when they interact with our website and book on-line, that their data is kept safe. We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously".

Cruise Amour has protected their website with 256bit SSL encryption and an extended validation security certificate. Not only do these measures ensure that all data send between its website and a customer's computer is fully protected but, should the security of a customer's data be compromised a 3rd party financial warrantee is in place.

Customers visiting the Cruise Amour website (it now starts with https instead of http) will be presented with the "green bar of trust" as featured on the websites of most on-line banking systems and large retailers such as e-Bay and PayPal. This should help customers feel secure about entering their personal and payment details into the site.

Hurrell added: "Customers expect the retailer to take the lead when it comes to things like card payment security. In our opinion, many of our competitors don't take their responsibilities seriously enough, often failing to address the issues - especially on-line. We wanted our customer's to be confident that whatever information they share with us whilst using our website is being kept safe and that they are fully protected. Our security covers everything from e-mail newsletter sign-up to call back requests to on-line booking."

Cruise Amour is part of the Freedom Travel Group a subsidiary of Co-operative Travel. It specialises in selling cruise holidays.

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