Tuesday, 6 September 2011

UK phone home? But which is the best phone service?

www.Homephonechoices.co.uk, the UK's biggest Ofcom-accredited home phone comparison site, has launched the first online calculator enabling consumers to compare the cost of installing a new phone line - vital to those moving house, needing a second phone line or simply looking to switch to a better deal.

There were some 1.75 million household moves alone in England between 2009 and 2010 and the new phone line comparison service means that consumers now have a dedicated service not only to help ensure they get the best deal, but also to ease the burden of moving home.

Michael Phillips, product director at Homephonechoices.co.uk commented: "The cost of having a new phone line installed can be anything up to £86 with customers unaware they are subject to such fees until they move in or try to switch. It is important to make sure you are signing up to the best deal as many providers will waive the charge if you take both your broadband and home phone; and if you are willing to take your TV too, there can be huge savings of up to £295 a year to be had.

"We are committed to finding the best deals for consumers and our new phone line comparison service presents a detailed view of charges for single, dual and triple-play packages. Consumers will be able to select a service that suits their individual needs and know exactly what they will have to pay including the phone installation line charge, the first year cost for their new home phone package and even the line rental cost."

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