Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cloud-based development

Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Dashboards Synthesise Data into Easy-to-Use Visualisations for Informed Decision Making

Actuate Corporation, the people behind BIRT® and the leading open source Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, today announced that AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) has launched MTInsight, a state-of-the-art business intelligence platform for its membership that runs on BIRT onDemand. BIRT onDemand is Actuate’s BIRT-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for BI and information delivery that MTInsight uses to harness over 200GB of data in the cloud, that is growing every day so that it can be analysed and displayed on a wide variety of devices including smart phones and tablets.

AMT selected BIRT onDemand because it provides a robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for BI. Based on ActuateOne and using the power of Actuate BIRT’s flexibility and extensibility within a cloud infrastructure, BIRT onDemand provides AMT with a unique, plug-and-play platform for BI applications. Using BIRT onDemand, AMT can add new BI capabilities quickly and transparently to meet end user demand.

“The June 1st launch of MTInsight powered by BIRT onDemand to AMT members is a momentous step forward for the manufacturing technology industry,” says Douglas K. Woods, AMT President. “Throughout AMT’s history we have been providing our members with critical market information from world class data sources that has enabled them to make their businesses more successful.

“By teaming up with Actuate, we are able to incorporate the entire body of knowledge into one business intelligence application that allows users to interact with the data in an easy to use and understandable visual format. MTInsight is truly a game-changer.”

End user reaction to MTInsight powered by BIRT onDemand has been swift and positive. “MTInsight is my single source for key market intelligence. I can access this information 24/7 and be certain I’m referencing the latest information. So, no matter where in the world the job takes me, I have instant and easy access to current market data,” said Ernest Long, Senior Manager, Inside Sales at Okuma America Corporation.

“The Map U.S. Markets app lets me quickly identify regions and customers with similar applications. We can use the data to tailor local events and demonstrations to the specific needs of those customers.”

BIRT onDemand accounts come pre-configured with data storage from Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), and include secure data transfer tools plus secure data connectivity to industry standard data bases, including increasingly popular cloud data sources.

“We are excited to help AMT leverage the cloud-ready capabilities of BIRT onDemand,” said Pete Cittadini, president and CEO, Actuate. “With BIRT onDemand, AMT can instantly deliver personalised BIRT content to mobile users and desktop users alike with one click, significantly increasing productivity for IT departments, developers and users within manufacturing organisations.”

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