Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Power your smartphone on the move!

Can't bear to be parted from your Smartphone, PC or even the National Grid? Here's how to keep all your gadgets juiced up at festivals or on holiday over the summer.

The One For All car charger (£16.99) turns your car cigarette lighter into a charging station and comes with seven tips for your mobile phone, MP3 player, PDA, digital camera or game player.

The One For All in-car power socket (£29.99) converts the cigarette lighter into a 220V mains power point. Useful for hair dryers and hair straighteners as well as laptops.

The TomTom high-speed multi-charger (£19.99) has a 1.2 amp USB charging port for mobile phones or MP3 players, plus a 2.1 amp port to speed-charge high power USB devices such as an iPad or iPhone. This charges up without impacting the other port's charging capability. Plus there's a third port for powering 12V in-car devices like DVD players.

And the One For All Universal Travel Power Pack (£29.99) keeps your devices charged when you don't have access to a power source at all. It has a 1050 mAh battery which, once pre-charged, gives up to 100 hours of extra power (standby time) when the device's own battery has run down.

For more info or to find out how to order visit www.oneforall.co.uk

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