Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Revelation Software Announce the Release of OpenInsight Version 9.3.1

Revelation Software Limited] are pleased to announce the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight (OI). OI version 9.3.1 provides Revelation's OI developers with a number of enhancements and new features to further increase their productivity and to also enhance their end-user's experience.

The main highlights of this new release include:
OpenInsight for Web (O4W 1.3) - This latest version of O4W includes additional integration with the new Banded Report Writer, new support routines for RSS feeds and a brand new 'ad hoc' report builder. In addition, the release includes a number of additional mobile enhancements such as a mobile specific menu and report output. Through O4W's integration with jQuery Mobile (the companion library to O4W's jQuery), web pages can be created using "finger friendly" user interface elements and design.

OpenInsight for QM (OI4QM) - The OI4QM data connector enables MultiValue application developers to fully utilise the QM database from Ladybridge Systems Limited. Using this dedicated data connector, Windows GUI and Web 2.0 interfaces can be quickly created without any change being required to an existing QM database.

"With this latest release, we're proving our commitment to our Revelation and MultiValue community", said Mike Ruane, President/CEO Revelation Software, "They asked us for a connection to QM from Ladybridge, and we listened. Our users also gave us a list of enhancements and suggestions for the Banded Report Writer, and we've taken care of them as well."

Also included in the OI 9.3.1 release are a number of patches and enhancements for the Banded Report Writer, Table Builder, and Database manager.

"Mobile computing is an essential requirement for any application development", said Robert Catalano, Director of Sales, Revelation Software. "We are empowering the MultiValue community with one of the best mobile computing toolkits on the market that is affordable, familiar to MV developers, and connects to their existing database with no change."

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.3.1 is available from Revelation Software, or through their network of resellers.

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