Sunday, 8 July 2012

Client roster grows as Media Safari scoops two new technology PR wins

Award winning tech PR agency to start work on PR and social media campaigns for cloud security provider and a free-to-play Twitter-based fantasy stock exchange

Two new campaigns for a cloud security provider and a free-to-play Twitter-based fantasy stock exchange are set to make an impact as tech PR agency Media Safari kicks off client activity. The client wins bolster Media Safari’s Technology in Business (B2B tech PR) and Technology at Home (B2C tech PR) divisions.

Bitdefender: Security for Virtualised Environments

Media Safari has extended its relationship with Bitdefender, the award-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions. The new win, Security for Virtualised Environments, is a security solution for companies using cloud technologies and virtualised datacentres. Media Safari’s campaign ‘The eyes and ears of cloud security’ will provide a business intelligence gathering service to the overseas Enterprise team as well as a press office and media relations campaign.

twiDAQ: Free-to-play Twitter-based fantasy stock exchange

A further new client win is twiDAQ, a fantasy stock market based in the world of Twitter. It gives users the chance to own and trade a portfolio of virtual shares and where Twitterers themselves are the traded commodity. Media Safari has devised a campaign called ‘What are you #worth?’ to generate a target number of new stock traders per month. This will be driven through media relations and social media.

Matt King, Managing Director at Media Safari commented, “As the business community increasingly accepts cloud based technologies, security in these virtualised environments will become more and more critical. This is not a message that is readily understood so our campaign will begin to educate target decision makers and help to identify possible business development opportunities. With regard to twiDAQ we expect that the nature of Media Safari’s campaign will inspire a viral word-of-mouth spread and twitterers themselves will encourage a corresponding growth in traders.”

Media Safari’s security and gaming PR experience lends itself very well to these campaigns as cloud and gamification technologies start to take hold.

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