Sunday, 14 August 2011

Enterprise sustainability software leader donates to foundation client

CloudApps, the enterprise application leader in sustainability, has announced the latest addition to its growing foundation client list; UK and Africa-based charity Send a Cow. The charity, whose patrons include the Prince of Wales, will monitor and report its own carbon emissions and that of its African operations using CloudApps Sustainability Suite.

Send a Cow’s goals are to improve the livelihoods of African families, from Ethiopia to Lesotho, with practical farming training and support whilst educating UK schoolchildren on the issues of sustainable development, climate change and future food security. As well as donating livestock, its work involves training local farmers in animal wellbeing and sustainable organic farming practices. The organisation champions gender equality, conflict resolution, health, hygiene and HIV/Aids awareness, a balance that produces remarkable results.

Under the foundation programme, Send a Cow receives CloudApps Sustainability Suite licences and consulting time to allow it to benchmark key sustainability metrics in the same way as a corporate CloudApps customer. The management team has already started to track monthly operational sustainability metrics around energy efficiency, total CO2 emissions, the number and environmental impact of flights taken and even the quantity of paper printed.

CloudApps is helping Send a Cow to extend beyond these measures, to track their emissions intensity by the number of African households they work with. Tracking this key metric will enable Send a Cow to grow their operations responsibly, helping more stricken families whilst remaining as sustainable as possible themselves. The CloudApps foundation follows the 1-1-1 model. This integrated philanthropy approach will see CloudApps employees volunteer 1% of their working time, the company donate 1% of its equity into the foundation and deliver 1% of its product to not-for-profit institutions aligned to its corporate sustainability mission.

Richie Alford, Research and Development Manager at Send a Cow, said: “Recent events have shown how important it is to support African farmers who are working in harmony with the environment. Send a Cow’s work, based on the principle of communities working together with the resources they have, has made us very aware of the resources we consume in that work. Our tie-up with CloudApps provides a valuable way for us to monitor closely and easily report on our resource usage, allowing us to reassure our benefactors that we are living by our founding principles.”

Peter Grant, CEO of CloudApps, said: “CloudApps is dedicated to improving the sustainability of UK enterprises with world-leading technology. This mission extends to social as well as commercial enterprises. The work being undertaken by Send a Cow in pioneering practical sustainable development is ground-breaking and so really appealed to the whole team. We are honoured to be able to offer our time and knowledge for such a worthwhile effort.”


CloudApps is a leading provider of sustainability software, enabling visionary organisations to make exceptional efficiency savings and meet sustainability targets by aligning the entire enterprise behind corporate sustainability goals.

CloudApps is a leading provider of sustainability software that enables visionary organisations to make exceptional efficiency savings and meet sustainability targets by aligning the entire enterprise behind corporate sustainability goals.

CloudApps is unique in solving the sustainability challenge by connecting the sustainability efforts of employees on the front-line, or “bottom-up”, with “top-down” commitments made by management.

By giving each employee visibility to their team and their own impact and suggesting actions through an innovative desktop application, CloudApps drives the behavioural change required to accelerate a reduction in the consumption of natural resources at the workplace, resulting in significant cost savings.

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