Monday, 8 August 2011

Everything Everywhere Announce the Appointment of a New Director of Transformation

The UK's top mobile phone operator is pleased to announce the appointment of former Tesco Telecom COO, Mark Horrobin, to the role of Director of Transformation for the brand, in a move which can only lead to bigger and better things for the company.

The Former COO of Tesco Telecoms, Mark Horrobin has been named as the new Director of Transformation at Everything Everywhere, the company that was created in April 2010 when Orange UK and T-Mobile UK merged. The decision to appoint Horrobin in this role follows Everything Everywhere's four key areas of transformation throughout the integration of the two telecoms giants and will help to deliver a new strategy for the company.

A spokesperson for Everything Everywhere said: “When we decided to merge both Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, we knew overseeing the merger was going to be no easy feat. So we needed to find someone who has not only had an exemplary career in the industry but has also have hands-on experience of managing such a big project, and Mark was exactly what were were looking for.

“Mark has managed to have a very impressive career in telecoms and communications; prior to working at Tesco Telecom, he worked at The Carphone Warehouse, Onetel and AOL, so we're really very happy to have such an experienced person on-board.”

This new role will see Horrobin employed as a consultant, and his main role will be to organise and coordinate Everything Everywhere's four key areas of transformation: The HR project, 'Our People' an incentive for staff to 'be the best', 'Our Customers', which aims to create and maintain high value growth in customer numbers, and finally, 'Our Future', which concentrates on the use of data, and the actions that Everything Everywhere needs to take in order to become a data-centric telecommunications company.

The spokesperson for Everything Everywhere went on to say: “As a relatively new company that represents Orange UK [] and T-Mobile UK we at Everything Everywhere are really keen to become market leaders in the telecommunications industry.

“We believe the only way to do this is by working on our company, so we can be the very best at what we do, so we need to invest in our staff and training programmes in order to achieve the best results possible, and Mark is the man that will help us to do this.”

A spokesman added: “Our name is Everything Everywhere and that's exactly what we want to give to our customers.

“We believe wherever they are in the world, they should be able to access whatever they want, whenever they want it – at the touch of a button, with the flick of a switch, in the blink of an eye.

"We want to bring our customers closer to the people, places and things that matter most to them, giving them instant access to everything, everywhere.

“In September 2009 it was announced France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom had agreed to merge T-Mobile UK and Orange UK into a 50:50 joint venture to create the UK’s leading mobile operator. After dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, the company was officially formed on April 1 2010. Then, on May 11 we announced our name, vision and leadership team.”

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