Sunday, 30 October 2011

iPhone 4S & iPhone 4 Deals & Prices Drop at Phones Limited

The new Apple iPhone 4S may be one of the most expensive smart phones released in 2011 but Phones Limited are helping their customers save hundreds of pounds by comparing iPhone 4S deals and prices as they are discounted by the network and retailers.

When the new iPhone 4S was first released consumers could not pick up a free phone for any less than a staggering £46 line rental per month but now the independent mobile phone suppliers are fighting it out to provide the cheapest iPhone 4S deals and Phones Limited are updating their deals twice per day to pick up these changes.

After the first 2 weeks of release consumers could pick up a free iPhone 4S deal for a £43 per month on 3 Mobile contract offers, as one of the best value for money network in the UK the take up of these newly discounted deals was substantial and this particular package still stands today.

Now consumers can pick up a free Apple iPhone 4S for just £40.85 per month thanks to a recently discounted deal from an independent UK retailer on the T-Mobile network, the offer is on the T-Mobile iPhone 40 tariff and includes 500MB of inclusive data, 900 minutes and unlimited text messages every month.

Although this is currently the cheapest iPhone 4S deal with a free phone it is not the cheapest overall deal when taking into account the total expenditure over the minimum term of the contract period.

The cheapest possible iPhone 4S deal over a 24 month contract currently stands with Orange on their iPhone 20 tariff, this demands an upfront price of £309.99 for the iPhone 4S and an ongoing monthly line rental charge of £20.

However, this may not be the best tariff for those that use their phone for any length of time as it only includes 50 minutes of calls, 50 text messages and 100MB of internet access each month.

Comparing the 2 tariffs, the total expenditure of the free iPhone 4S offer on T-Mobile equates to a large £980.40 whereas the cheaper Orange deal will cost £789.99, a staggering saving of £190.41!

Many consumers are still opting for the previous iPhone 4 deals as they have now been heavily discounted on the release of the iPhone 4S, the current cheapest deal is actually for a free iPhone 4 at £30 per month which equates to £720 on a 24 month contract.

With both phones looking very much the same and offering the new iOS5 the differences can only be seen once the phones are in operation with a better camera, faster processor and the new 'Siri' voice software available on the iPhone 4S.

There is also a new iPhone 4 8GB model which has been released alongside the 4S edition, this smaller memory capacity will eventually offer the cheapest iPhone 4 deals but for now the 16GB refurbished model is winning the day.

Phones Limited continue to update their deals twice everyday to pick up the very latest offers from over 25 of the leading mobile phones retailers and networks, now offering a price comparison database exceeding 2 million mobile phone deals it is one of the most comprehensive in the UK.

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