Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Voucher Discount Code Site Uses QR Code as Consumer Tool; ZealDeal Expands Use of QR Code to Further Enhance Its Services

ZealDeal,a new deal promotion site that consolidates deals, discount codes, promotions, voucher codes and the Marketplace into a single all-in-one money saving shopping service expands use of Quick Response Code (QR Code) as a consumer tool rather than a marketeer tool.

ZealDeal - World's first deal promotion site that integrates deals, voucher codes and other money saving promotional offers directly into the marketplace, as well as further expanding the use of QR Codes to deliver an enhanced user experience. The expansion is part of the plan to make all services more user friendly, easier and quickly sharable amongst friends and family. ZealDeal is especially suited for people with a busy lifestyle who struggle to find the time to look for a deal or promotions and avoid paying more than they needed to for their shopping.

QR Code, also known as Quick Response code is fast becoming a popular tool but the focus has almost entirely been on its use as a marketing tool. It is already being used in ad campaigns, invoices, billboards and increasingly as a contact tool. ZealDeal is the first deal promotion site to implement QR Code into its core service as a consumer tool.

A significant percentage of the population, particularly in domestic environment, prefer to print out web pages, product pages or reference materials from the web. "In some cases, users are required to make a print out of certain materials. As for example, shoppers interested in visiting the merchant store to conduct the shopping has no option but to print out the page that contains the Voucher Code or Discount Code they intend to use. At ZealDeal we have implemented a special QR Code/Print option with all our deal promotions that will generate a small page snippet with a QR Code.

Users with a smartphone can just scan it and take the details with them, share it with friends or just email it" says co-founder A. Anwar Hossain. This saves printer consumables, minimises energy consumption and reduces carbon footprint. "We are not saying this will solve all the issues with our environment, but it adds to it. It also has an additional benefit of saving our users some money and time.

According to a recent survey by Toluna Quick published in, an estimated 32% of 18 to 34 year olds had scanned a QR code and overall 36% of population already familiar with QR Codes and the number is growing fast. We hope many companies and organisations will embrace this direction and we'll see a wider use of QR Code as a consumer tool aimed to benefit ordinary shoppers and the population as a whole" adds its Head of Communications Arif H. Levandovsky.

ZealDeal is committed to continued development of smart and innovative technologies and services to help its users save more money, be more efficient and deliver a better user experience. ZealDeal services can be accessed at

ZealDeal is a new UK-based startup offering a different kind of deal promotion service. First to combine deal promotions and eMarketplace into a single consolidated technology platform, ZealDeal eliminates the need for shoppers spend time looking for great deals, discount codes, promotional offers and voucher codes. Its innovative deal consolidation technology automatically integrates all available deal promotions into the marketplace. ZealDeal - The money saving engine, aspires to become the ultimate destination for all money conscious shoppers.

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