Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Mobile Marketing module manages SMS campaigns within Aprimo Marketing Studio On Demand

Aprimo® has announced a new Mobile Marketing module for Aprimo Marketing Studio® On Demand (AMS On Demand) that adds tightly integrated text messaging (SMS) capabilities to its campaign management offering.

With the new Mobile Marketing solution, customers can launch SMS campaigns in a few simple steps – create, launch, track and measure – from within their AMS On Demand platform, enabling them to leverage the same segmentation, dialogue and campaign management functions used for other digital marketing channels such as e-mail and microsites.

SMS usage among consumers continues to increase globally. Recent data from the International Telecommunications Union show that the total number of SMS messages sent globally tripled between 2007 and 2010, from an estimated 1.8 billion to a staggering 6.1 billion. Close to 200,000 text messages are now sent every second.

“Mobile has become an increasingly important channel for companies across all industries to reach their customers and prospects,” said Lisa Arthur, Chief Marketing Officer at Aprimo. “Managing everything, including email, social, SMS and offline, from a single platform ensures consistency, guarantees a better overall user experience and gives marketers concrete data that shows how new channels such as mobile are performing.”

SMS campaigns have a wide reach because text messages are accessible on ALL devices and many consumers still prefer the immediacy, brevity and ease of SMS communications. Today, more companies are using SMS to gain new customers, build deeper relationships and create new revenue opportunities through up-selling and cross-selling.

With AMS On Demand Mobile Marketing customers can:

• Run standalone mobile campaigns or integrated multi-channel digital campaigns incorporating SMS
• Launch both inbound and outbound SMS campaigns
• Perform segmentation and deliver triggered dialogs based on SMS content history and/or behavior
• Manage keywords and short codes for interactive marketing to customers and prospects
• Use customizable templates that can be repurposed on-the-fly for more dynamic, timely campaigns
• Choose “quick send” to quickly launch a new campaign

All SMS messaging capabilities are tightly integrated within the familiar AMS On Demand platform. This allows for smooth coordination of SMS text messaging with other digital marketing efforts, including campaign management tools and audience data that are critical to a comprehensive integrated marketing management (IMM) strategy.

Existing Aprimo customers can begin using the new SMS capabilities immediately. For details of the AMS On Demand Mobile Marketing, visit:

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