Thursday, 26 January 2012

Can your network cope with the cloud? The one where Mr. Rex has his head in the cloud

Networks First, the independent provider of network support services, has released another entertaining dinosaur video.

The online video sees hard-pressed head of IT Simmons once again being terrorised by his fearsome chief executive Mr T. Rex, who demands that he quickly implements a cloud computing solution without time to consider the full implications.

The message of evolving your network is again brought to life with model dinosaurs. The disastrous results at the fictional company in the Jurassic Business Park neatly demonstrate the value of network testing and optimisation prior to implementation.

Networks First’s managing director, Sara Gemmell comments: “Delivering ‘change’ is now the common theme for IT and network managers. New technologies, such as cloud computing, as well as changing business practices, such as homeworking and bring your own devices, are all heavily dependent on a high performing network”.

According to Gemmell, network emulation can help organisations prepare for transformational IT change: “Networks First’sTransformation Testing is an innovative new service that emulates a wide area network prior to roll-out of any major transitions, and shows the impact of implementing the new services.

"These insights can then be used to optimise your infrastructure before rolling out new services, ensuring minimal disruption to users of both the new and existing applications. You can then accurately plan for future growth and build a better business case for investment.

“Senior managers and directors often want things immediately without considering the implications for the network. In our videos Mr Rex isn’t thinking about the consequences of implementing a cloud computing solution – in this case with disastrous results! “

To view the video, please click here.

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