Monday, 23 January 2012

Chesterfield Borough Council Boosts Performance with Intuitive Dashboards

Mark Evans, Chesterfield Borough CouncilChesterfield Borough Council ( has  announced it is implementing Intuitive Dashboards, the advanced business intelligence dashboard solution from Intuitive Business Intelligence (, to provide instant, real-time and graphical dashboard views of the Borough Council’s performance against their corporate plan.

Intuitive Dashboards enables the senior management team, comprising the Chief Executive, the Acting Deputy Chief Executive and six Heads of Service, to manage an extensive range of performance metrics. Intuitive Dashboards provides instant visibility of their progress against the corporate plan, enabling them to take immediate action in response to potential variances.

The implementation will monitor all key aims of the corporate plan, including environmental factors, employment levels, housing, participation in sport and local health as well as the financial wellbeing of the Borough Council, reporting from their Agresso financial software.

Mark Evans (PICTURED) Acting Deputy Chief Executive of Chesterfield Borough Council, comments, “The way that performance information is presented is extremely important to us; a balance needs to be struck between having enough information to draw accurate conclusions, but not so much as to overwhelm people. We needed to provide the most relevant information to all our users, the majority of whom are non-technical; Intuitive Dashboards is critical to bringing our performance information alive.”

He continues, “Two years ago, we started on a journey to dramatically improve the quality and accessibility of our management information. By adopting Intuitive Dashboards, we will eliminate many hours of staff time spent chasing information and collating our management reports.

"Intuitive Dashboards empowers our users by giving them real-time access to the relevant performance data affecting their specific responsibilities against our corporate plan. We can focus on ensuring that we are on target to meet all the stated outcomes and, where issues arise, we can now respond to them without delay.”

Evans concludes, “We looked at three dashboard solutions and chose Intuitive Dashboards because it was obvious that it provided us with precisely what we needed – instant, visual access to the most relevant information we need to monitor to achieve our goals. Intuitive Dashboards has the “wow factor” because it offers exceptional ease of use and is far superior to any other dashboard solution that we considered.

"Our implementation of Intuitive Dashboards is the icing on the cake for the successful transformation of the Borough Council’s management information. It provides in-depth insight into our performance and I recommend all local authorities should consider using Intuitive Dashboards.”

Ed Smith, Technical Director at Intuitive Business Intelligence, comments, “Chesterfield Borough Council is a very welcome addition to our expanding client base of public sector organisations. Once again, the quality, advanced functionality and exceptional ease of use of Intuitive Dashboards have proved to be among the most influential benefits of our dashboard tool against competitors’ solutions. I’m very pleased that we are working closely with Chesterfield Borough Council as they continue to deliver improved, innovative and sustainable services to the thriving community they serve.”

Intuitive Business Intelligence Limited ( is a rapidly-growing technology innovator in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions. Their products enable organisations to save time and money by making faster, more accurate decisions based on the wide-ranging data sources and systems that already exist within their business.

Their flagship product, Intuitive Dashboards, empowers users with a single, consolidated, real-time view of critical business information, combined with proactive alerts to potential shortfalls in performance against the client’s most important metrics and KPIs.

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