Saturday, 7 January 2012

TAAP Provides Signature Capture On iPhone And Windows Phone

TAAP is pleased to announce that its signature capture applications will now be available on Windows Phone and iPhone devices as well as other devices with capacitive screens. The mobile application system specialist is now able to offer a tested device/stylus combination which works effectively with its applications that require signature capture.

Many existing devices have an integral stylus so that signatures can be captured, however, newer devices with capacitive screens have proved more difficult for producing an acceptable signature, because of the way they use finger control. Now that more suitable styluses are being released, TAAP is able to offer its existing 'field service' applications such as delivery, inspections, data capture, vehicle collection/delivery, repairs & maintenance and so on for the newer devices.

Using signature capture, TAAP's applications allow organisations to validate transactions they have undertaken, whether it is an inspection, a delivery, a service visit, a donation, and so on. The captured signature is then transposed into an electronic version of the form the operator has filled in on the mobile device, which is viewed within the client's secure web portal. The electronic document can then be printed or emailed to a client. The electronic document also contains all the other data collected such as text, photographs, and annotations.

Allowing rich data such as this to be collected means that paper forms can largely be eliminated, customer service is improved because managers and staff have access to real-time data, and operating costs are reduced due to a reduction in administration and duplication.

In addition, TAAP has released its Advantage applications, which are available to download from marketplaces such as Microsoft MarketPlace and app stores, so that users of Windows Phones and iPhones can start using these apps on their own devices and capture signatures. Because the 'Bring Your Own Device' culture of employees using their own mobile handsets at work keeps growing, it enables organisations to take advantage of the flexibility workers are increasingly getting used to. Any data that is captured in the application can then be sent as a PDF file by email so that the organisation can save and store it, or forward it on to a customer.

Paul George, Business Development Manager, commented "By giving additional functionality to devices on which it has proven difficult to capture signatures, because of the lack of integral stylus, TAAP ensures that its customers have a wider choice of devices to use when they are collecting, sending, and transferring business-critical data. Specific styluses have been difficult to source as some of them we previously tested have created less than satisfactory results, but we are now confident that new models are being released which give more credible results."

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