Monday, 23 April 2012

BroadGroup launches new B2B market research services for information technology sector globally

Consulting firm BroadGroup ( has launched a new range of market research services - B2B Information Technology Market Research - to meet increased demand for insight into specialist niche global markets.

BroadGroup has built a leading reputation in consulting over the past five years, conducting a wide range of international bespoke projects, commercial due diligence, and market and financial analysis covering datacentres, fibre, IT solutions and telecoms. Its client base has expanded particularly in financial, investor and government agencies globally.

Market studies reveal that the future success of companies will depend on their ability to capture, analyse and gain insights from their audiences. More granular and qualitative B2B research can provide even greater understanding of the business decisions customers are likely to take and predictive models constructed by user type, geography, and a wide range of other segmentations. This is particularly so in the case of the datacentre sector which has experienced sustained growth for some years.

“Our experience of datacentre markets has involved continuous assessment of the sector over the past five years which has yielded substantial insight for our clients,” commented Steve Wallage, managing director of BroadGroup Consulting. “B2B research across the IT sector is a natural addition in the evolution of our service portfolio, offering clients a customised interpretation of customer behaviour and change.”

The new services will include competitor analysis, B2B panels, customers and products, and market evaluation and entry.

BroadGroup believes that B2B markets in the IT sector are complex and increasingly fragmented, and to achieve a balanced insight to launching a new product, understanding customer requirements or measuring demand, robust market research provides analysis and interpretation to guide decisions that need to be made. This counts especially in international markets where BroadGroup’s specialist B2B research capabilities in the IT/Telecoms sector brings a much needed level of expertise.

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