Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Star provides cloud makeover at Nirvana Spa

Wellbeing business re-invigorated with new IT approach

Star, a provider of on-demand cloud computing and communication services to UK businesses, today announced that the award-winning spa and health club, Nirvana Spa has laid a platform for growth based on Star cloud services across its businesses.

One of only three UK spas with its own underground water source, Nirvana Spa has provided discerning clientele with wellbeing treatments for over thirty years. Star collaborated with Nirvana Spa on {a radical makeover of its IT systems including wireless hotspots for customers and state-of-the-art unified communications for staff.

The decision to standardise on Star cloud services was part of a three year strategy to transform Nirvana Spa into a modern data-driven business that is capable of achieving and accommodating growth without adding cost and complexity to its IT systems. Having had a long standing relationship with Star, Nirvana Spa felt it played a role in the strategic development of IT systems and services.

IT Director Mark Tocher commented, “Star was selected as our cloud services provider because we could see the value of buying into its pre-integrated WorkLife productivity suite. But the deciding factor was our trust in Star as a long term partner.”

Paul Watson, interim CEO at Star said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Nirvana Spa on this make-over of its IT systems. A secure and resilient virtual private cloud, delivered from a shared platform will help to keep costs low for the company whilst allowing it to access leading technologies often taken for granted by much larger enterprises.”

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