Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ex- Deutsche Bank Cloud Expert appointed by Intergence

Alistair McLaurin, Intergence
Intergence an IT optimisation consultancy based in Cambridge, UK, has appointed Alistair McLaurin as a principal consultant, responsible for developing on site relationships with Intergence’s rapidly growing customer base and developing new customer relationships. The role was especially created for him and he will report to Chief Operating Officer, Robert Smith.

Robert Smith says: “Intergence has a strong commitment to understanding the value of the cloud, as well as some brilliant new ideas around understanding the value of data management and visualisation. I am delighted to welcome Alistair to the Intergence team and am confident that his skills and expertise will prove invaluable.”

“As part of this commitment, the role that Alistair has been recruited to perform will enable Intergence to continue to lead in the domain of “big data” visualisation, helping large enterprises to extract commercial advantage.”

Alistair has a background in designing and implementing innovative new IT architectures and solutions and he specialises in innovation, cloud architecture and identity management.

Alistair comments: “I am passionate about cloud computing and believe that, used imaginatively, cloud computing offers organisations almost limitless new ways to analyse and manage their data without having to align their organisational development to the way their legacy IT system worked.

“Over the next five years I will work with a wide range of customers to help them leverage cloud services to develop innovative new solutions to drive their business.”

Alistair’s most recent role was Head of Cloud Architecture for Deutsche Bank which included defining the strategic architecture for the bank’s cloud programmes, as well as running proof of concept implementation programmes. He led a major research project to investigate how elastic computing and application delivery network controllers could deliver greater efficiencies to the data centre and more responsive environments for IT customers. He has also worked on data centres in non traditional environment, including detailed investigation of using container based modular data centres to provide rapid compute power on demand at far lower cost than traditional data centre provision.

In this role Alistair won the Open Data Center Alliance's ‘Conquering the Cloud Challenge’ award for his work and white paper on ‘Identity Management in the New Hybrid Cloud World’.

Prior to working as a cloud architect, he spent ten years leading and developing Deutsche Bank's Identity Management service. This was a team of over 100 people worldwide responsible for Directory Services, Single Sign On, PKI and Cryptography and account and entitlement management and recertification. Alistair developed many of the architectures for these services and continues to specialise in identity data modelling and data lifecycle management.

Prior to working in Financial Services Alistair worked at the Science Museum London where he managed projects as diverse as introducing the Museum's first Internet email server to making a movie of the inside of the Apollo 10 command module.

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