Saturday, 28 April 2012

Managing the network for the world’s busiest single runway airport - hear how Gatwick Airport took IT off the critical path in a newly published case study

 - hear how Gatwick Airport took IT off the critical path in a newly published case study.

Xchanging, the business process and technology services provider and integrator, has published a case study on the transformational network services they’ve delivered to their customer Gatwick Airport.

When Gatwick Airport was acquired by Global Infrastructure Partners, it inherited 140 IT legacy systems still owned and operated by BAA. This added a considerable degree of complexity to the business, representing a risk to airport operations and, consequently, the passenger experience.

As Gatwick’s Network Managed Services partner since October 2010, Xchanging has created a common infrastructure for the airport which provides greater visibility and control over IT.

As part of the airport's £1.2 billion investment to improve the passenger journey through the airport, this initiative will drive efficient operation and better service, and see inherited IT systems cut by half. With new infrastructure delivering a secure, reliable and speedier service, Gatwick and Xchanging have been able to introduce new, innovative services that enhance passenger and airline services. These include a secure wireless network throughout the terminals, multicast TV channels in seating areas and passenger kiosks.

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