Sunday, 22 April 2012

Murray International Holdings and Capito turn to Westcoastcloud for email protection

One of the UKs largest privately-owned organisations has turned to Westcoastcloud to protect it from email borne threats.

Murray International Holdings (MIH) delivers solutions to a diverse range of sectors including metals, property, oil and gas and outsourcing. Since 2000 the group’s ICT strategy and services have been delivered in partnership with Capito, a leading managed services provider headquartered in Livingston, Scotland.

MIH has grown to encompass over 50 different email domains with a resultant rise in email traffic, from under 100,000 emails a month to more than 1 million. This had a negative impact both on the system and end-users at MIH.

Mark Gammie, Operations Director for Capito, explained: “Our Managed Service Desk team were spending an increasing amount of time handling calls that were email related so we decided to look for a cloud-based solution that would not only deliver integrated threat protection but would also alleviate bandwidth issues by filtering and cleaning the email prior to it entering the network.”

Capito decided that Westcoastcloud’s cloud-based Netintelligence email filter managed service met it requirements and strategic direction for MIH.

Mark said: “Westcoastcloud is a 100% channel focused organisation and we were comfortable that we could work in partnership to meet the requirements of MIH. Westcoastcloud clearly demonstrated how Netintelligence would guarantee service levels around spam and virus protection as well as the scalability to meet future requirements.”

In addition to reducing network bandwidth by capturing 100% of known viruses and reducing spam by 99% before it hits the MIH corporate network, Netintelligence also saves the managed service desk at Capito time and energy previously spent on administration.

Greg Scott, IT Manager for Murray Metals Holdings said: “Since the introduction of the Netintelligence service I’m happy to confirm that we have had very limited incidents of spam or email threats reaching our end users, thus making our mail management a great deal easier”

Capito has also switched its own internal systems to use Netintelligence.

Bill Strain, director of Westcoastcloud, said: “Spam email accounts for billions of emails across the world every day resulting in risk to business and poor productivity. Stopping it in its tracks is of critical importance to global organisations like Murray International Holdings. By working with Capito and MIH we have succeeded in protecting their staff and network from email borne threats.”

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