Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bellco’s Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove has growing sales

Bellco, just nine months ago, was a brand-new startup with a new product the Ion Wireless Air Mouse Computer Glove. After months of promotions and the help of the distribution networks of Ergoguys & Ingram Micro along with the tech gadget reviews from Brain Westover of PC Magazine, Chance Daniels the Tech Enthusiast & Jason of Ergonomic info, Bellco continues to grow.

Pete Bell Founder of Bellco Says, “A Big Thank You, to everyone who has been part of bringing the Ion wireless air mouse to the world market."

Bellco believes startups are like newborn babies; new business owners must take care to make sure the business grows healthy and strong. It is a good idea to surround the business with others that have related interest, by networking the business and product can gain world exposure. “Some people would ask is it possible to start a new business in these economic times"? Pete Bell says, "Yes, with the Internet the whole world is open for business with thousands of great unknown products for sale." "Anyone with a dream, Idea or vision that is willing to do a little research, write a few e-mails & make a few phone calls will connect and be on their way.” Bell says, "there is an old quote” (if one loves what they do, they will never work again). Bellco, offers a re-sellers business opportunity at its website.

Pete Bell says, summer is upon us and the holiday season will be here by the time companies prepare and stock up. Bellco is looking forward to adding new products to its lineup for the upcoming holiday season. The Ion wireless air mouse glove comes in gray or black; it operates with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. It is simple to set up just plug in the mini USB module, and the air mouse glove is ready to go. The Ion wireless air mouse glove has a mobile range of 35 ft.

Bellco says, "Go big, connect the computer to the big-screen TV with a HDMI cable, enjoy sitting back relaxing in the big chair with the Ion air mouse glove and a wireless keyboard, playing online games, surfing the net and checking e-mails becomes a more comfortable experience."
The Ion Air Mouse Glove is available online for $79.95

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