Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Twoo believer

Twoo - Meet new people
Twoo.com (/www.twoo.com) releases location-based mobile apps, proving that winning on the web is not the only goal

Just one year after launching, social discovery site Twoo.com is already a force to be reckoned with, with over 8 million unique visitors in May, according to comScore.

To bolster the success of their online presence, Twoo.com has launched two mobile apps, with features exclusive to handheld devices, that give users’ freedom to chat, meet or date who they want, when they want, where they want.

Twoo.com’s app can now be downloaded on Android handsets, in addition to its recently improved iPhone equivalent. To complement the site’s key features, the app uses location-based software so you can see which users are closest to you, real-time.

Twoo.com understands the needs of social single people today; users can’t be confined to desktop searches – they want real time, mobile capabilities that enable meeting on the move, just like in the real world.

As well as new features, there is a growing team based in London, headed up by Nick Lisher, former Strategy Director at mysinglefriend.com, to complement the European HQ in Ghent, Belgium.

Nick is thrilled to be joining Massive Media, the dating site’s parent company, at a time when Twoo.com is on the road to becoming one of the world’s most popular social networks.

Nick Lisher said, “Twoo.com is a force of nature, a phenomenon in the world of social discovery. I am overwhelmingly impressed with the product, as are the 1.5 million members who log into the service every day to meet new people, and have fun. I can’t wait to further introduce the service to US and UK audiences.”

The expanding team and rich functionality are two factors helping to catapult Twoo.com up to third in the list of the most popular personals sites worldwide, according to recent ComScore data, leaving many of the traditional, “old school” dating websites trailing behind.

The fledgling site had 8.42 million unique visitors in May 2012, more than double the amount reported in December, and all within a year of launching.

The success of Twoo.com demonstrates that meeting new people is a huge part online culture. People use the site to meet like-minded people for dating or friendship, and the popularity of Twoo.com’s mobile apps show the importance of keeping up with today’s evolving social landscape.

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