Monday, 28 November 2011

Big Data Analysis Fuels Intelligent Protection from Advanced Threats

Sourcefire, Inc., a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced that Immunet®, the company's advanced anti-malware solution, has surpassed 2 million installed endpoints. Immunet achieved this milestone due to its “big data” approach to endpoint security, which allows it to provide an additional layer of protection not afforded by traditional anti-malware technologies.

"The rapid adoption witnessed with Immunet demonstrates that users are seeking both an added layer of protection to bolster their defences and a more intelligent approach to block advanced threats," said Oliver Friedrichs, Senior Vice President of Sourcefire's Cloud Technology Group. "This intelligence comes from designing a product with a big data mindset, which is an absolute requirement in today's threat landscape. Traditional anti-malware solutions simply cannot achieve the protection and control that customers require."

The explosion and advancement of threats each day has allowed them to bypass traditional solutions. For example, threats today are transitory with at least 75 percent being seen on only a single endpoint. Threat lifetimes can be measured in hours that require a centralised “big data” repository that can be monitored, observed, culled and used to make intelligent security decisions for all of Immunet’s users. A data-driven approach also enables Immunet to gather real-world metrics on how technologies perform in the field. Immunet was built on the principle of Collective Immunity™, which is shared protective resistance gained through community and collective intelligence to fight against computer malware infection.

"The data deluge is having an impact on the changing nature of security management. Not only has there been an explosion in the sheer volume of data requiring protection, but there has also been a dramatic growth in threats as well as disclosed vulnerabilities," said Scott Crawford, research director, Enterprise Management Associates. "The centralised data approach enables the capability to collect and act on large data sets with great speed, accuracy, and efficacy."

Immunet 3.0 enables small businesses and consumers to create custom anti-malware signatures for more accurate protection against targeted attacks. Immunet 3.0 also offers an innovative Cloud Recall™ feature that can remediate previously approved files and automatically quarantine them in real time based on new threat information. In addition, the Immunet technology has outperformed all of its competitors and successfully defended against 100 percent of malware attacks in an independent test
conducted by the Malware Research Group.

Immunet 3.0 is available as a free anti-malware download from the Immunet website. Users can upgrade to Immunet 3.0 Plus for advanced anti-malware protection.

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