Thursday, 17 November 2011

MLL Telecom announces ‘MIND’ its new intelligent network design tool for public sector networks

MLL Telecom will demonstrate the power of the tool at Socitm 2011, Hilton Hotel, NEC Birmingham 29th November to 1st December

MLL Telecom - - announces its new intelligent network design tool, ‘MIND’, which will revolutionise the network design process and greatly benefit public sector customers in terms of cost and time savings. The innovative new tool takes postcodes from the hundreds of locations that need to be included in a PSN network and within seconds can optimise the millions of permutations of connectivity back into the UK’s telecoms infratsructure.

‘MIND allows us to work out, very quickly, the best operations for Access Network design. We can also see in an instant where savings for customers can be made,’ said Stuart Borgman, chief technology officer at MLL Telecom. ‘Previously all this work would have taken several hours to complete manually, and then have to be repeated through every design iteration.’

The first release of the tool can calculate the range of exchanges that the postcodes map to, the radial distance to the parent exchange and also the calculated distance in copper line to the exchange. The data can then be exported to a view in Google maps, showing the range of options available. MLL Telecom plan to develop MIND further, with eight more modules planned. These modules will include indicative pricing, backhaul and core network, and radio integration modules.

MLL Telecom will be demonstrating MIND in action at the Socitm Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Birmingham NEC, 29th November to 1st December 2011. Delegates are invited to bring their postcode data with them to see how MIND can optimse the costs of their network.

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