Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fighting Crime With Crucial Real-Time Information Takes Leap Forward

Enhancements have been announced to QiSOFT’s POLICEintel program, the unique real-time intelligence web-based sharing portal for data-driven crime fighting. The core elements of the program remain, particularly the shift-to-shift information sharing tool, the Sergeant’s Desk Report. New to the program are modules for retail crime prevention: Retail Stop Loss and for citizen reporting of suspicious activity: iWatch.

The iWatch program for citizen involvement started in LA and is now in use in other cities. This allows the user to provide a narrative of suspicious activity directly to the area police department for officer response. This programme can be used as a stand alone module or integrated into POLICEintel.

RetailStop Loss is currently being field tested in Savannah GA. Dedicated to stopping shoplifters, this program makes available to the merchant details of known shoplifters with pictures and profile information.

POLICEintel is all about harnessing crime information, background events, criminals and police activity and placing this in its correct geographical and time context. Crime reports, patterns, likely suspects, criminal profiles, pictures and video are all available, with interactive maps to pinpoint critical locations.

Being a web based portal, information from different sources is easily assimilated and presented to the law enforcement officer. Via the unique external feeds feature, neighbouring agencies can instantly share and exchange critical intelligence information. This information is available 24/7 and can be securely accessed from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

One of the most liked features is the Sergeant’s Desk Report. From this visual and textural intelligence the incoming officer can learn about reported crimes on the previous shift. This may include warrants issued, BOLO for vehicle, arrests, access criminal profiles, pictures, missing person files, gang activity reports, internal announcements and more.

“We are on the cusp of really moving forward in these areas,” commented David Johns, QiSOFT business development manager for POLICEintel. “So that officers can see the potential of the system we have a demo available at, accessible with the user name and password: intelcenter.”

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